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Rugs at Your Door-Step

Come summer and everyone around you is travelling far and wide for vacation. Whenever a colleague or friend mentions that he is travelling eastwards to Asia or Africa, don't we all feel like asking him ...

Give Your Home Painting a Stunning Makeover

The choice of paint colour, finish and its application can make a major difference to the appearance of your walls if done in the right way. The trick is in choosing these things wisely and smartly, if you too wish to incorporate the same in your home painting exercise, read the article below to kno

How to Make Paint Thick for Painting Cement

Adding a fresh coat of paint to cement creates a clean and decorative look to the surface that would otherwise appear gray and drab. Cement has a rough-textured appearance that requires a thicker paint to create the desired effect and achieve proper adhesion. A paint thickener called hydroxyethyl ce

How to Design a Room Around an Oversized Couch

An oversized couch offers an inviting place where you can stretch out fully to watch TV, cuddle with the kids on a rainy evening or collapse after a hectic day. Deciding where to place an oversized couch and how to work it into your current furniture arrangement may present a dilemma, though. When y

Benefits of Divan Beds

You have just chosen to spend a quarter of your life with a divan bed. After long hours of working, you deserve a good sleep so you are rejuvenated for the next day's challenges. Spending ...

Teen Rooms Ideas With Stars

Wishing upon a falling star may work for some, but your teen may want a more adult theme for her room. Give her what she wants by including her in the design theme and allowing her to assist in putting the room together. This allows you to plan for storage solutions while creating a pleasing design.

How to Make a Kitchen Table Shabby Chic

Coined by designer Rachel Ashwell in 1989, the term shabby chic refers to a decorating style that focuses on well-worn, comfortable furnishings and accessories. Defined by pastel colors, floral prints and vintage thrift store objects, shabby chic is a feminine style. Painted furniture is especially

3 Uses of Refrigeration in the Household

A refrigerator is more than just an appliance regularly found in kitchens. A household rarely survives without refrigeration all because refrigerators are used in conjunction to food storage. Even in chemical laboratories or pharmacies, refrigerators ...

Park Bench - A Multipurpose Tool

For having a relaxing time in the fresh and natural environment, there is no better place than a park. Be it for relaxing, jogging, exercising, having snacks, chitchatting with friends, playing or any thing else, ...

How to Calculate Rug Size

If you have a rug in your home and you want to replace it with another rug of a similar size, you need to know what the size of the rug is. Calculating the size of a rug requires basic elementary math skills and only a few moments to complete. Once you know the size of a rug, you can understand wher