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God’s Love-Battle Weapon for a Sure Victory

I have prayed for years and God has not yet answered. This faith stuff, is it really working? Many people who had the same challenge, but for a shorter period, have shared their testimonies; do ...

Transparent Prayer

David wasn't looking at Goliath. He was looking at God. Out there in those valleys and hills where he was alone and just shepherding the sheep, he got very close to God. Don't despise those ...

Factors Leading to Success in Life

Individuals have varying ideas of what success in life means to them. For some, it means becoming the manager of their own companies, while for others it means successfully raising their own children. Success is basically an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, according to...

Christian Art Projects for 6-Year-Olds

Children are able to absorb information in a myriad of ways when young. One of the easiest and most fun methods of learning for the average 6-year-old is through art. Art gives youngsters a vehicle with which to express themselves, no reading and writing necessary. Due to the depth and complex natur

How to Create a Food Pantry

If you long to do more than write a check to feed the hungry and believe it's more important to care for community members than the world, you're the ideal person to launch a food pantry serving families in your area. Organizational skills will serve you well--in addition to the generous neighbors t

The Fundamentals of Extremism, edited by Kimberly Blaker

The Christian Right has become a powerful influence on American politics, even though their influence on the wider American culture has not proceeded as far or as quickly. The political goals of the Christian Right are horrifying to many, both atheists and theists, but not everyone is completely awa

African American Spiritual Gifts

African masks have a rich spiritual history.tribal masks image by StephenD from Fotolia.comA spiritual gift for an African American can mean many different things. The gift can reflect a deeply spiritual cultural history or a modern take on traditional icons. A person's individual style...

Taoist Foods

Taoist foods herald a natural, fresh diet that follows the seasons. The philosophy is that eating seasonal fruit and vegetables along with whole grains, seeds and nuts puts the body and mind in balance. The Taoist food mindset does not count calories or yo-yo on carbohydrates, fats or proteins. In

How to Write a Sympathy Card

Sympathy cards express condolences and offer support to people who have lost a loved one. You can write one even if you did not know the deceased, but are close to members of that person's family. You can also write one if you knew the deceased, but do not have a relationship with members of his fam

How Do I Get Donations for a Ministry?

Obtaining donations for a religious group or ministry helps support the group's operational costs, activities and events. Groups seeking support in the form of donations should first target members of the church, then reach out to affiliated organizations that support a similar belief system.

More Than Just A Phone Pal

If you are in need of someone to talk to, then you simply need a phone pal. But if you need someone to talk to and someone who knows what your problem is and gives information to help you solve that problem, then you need a psychic reader.

Carman CDs

Carman CDs - The 30+ years of music from Carman

Ideas for a First Communion

Children are welcomed to receive Holy Commnion at a First Communion ceremony.communion tray image by dwags from Fotolia.comWith First Communion, a Catholic congregation welcomes a child to the banquet of the Eucharistic table--the body and blood of Christ. A religious rite of passage,...

Is God Calling?

On numerous occasions in my life I have felt some less than subtle calls from God. I say "less than subtle" because I compare His tactics to chucking a brick wall on someone...that someone was me and it happened numerous times, much to my chagrin. Although I was awed by these blatant commu

How to Operate a Civil Liberty Organization

Many civil liberty organizations are active in the United States, ranging from national to state and local levels. These originations rally citizens in an effort to increase civil awareness, including equal rights, labor conditions, military intervention, legal abuse and religious tolerance. But civ

How to Compare Pentateuch Scripture to the New Testament

The Pentateuch, also called the Torah, are the first five books of the Christian Old Testament and Jewish Tanakh. Many Jews and Christians believe them to have been dictated by God, while others believe them to be a compendium of quasi-historical mythology. The New Testament is a selection of books

Rituals to Sell the House Soon

Through these rituals to market your house quickly, managed to realize your business effectively, we ask you to definitely reveal and keep up to date with the various traditions that we offer significantly transform your ...

Be Prepared! Christ Can Return at Any TIme

We are called to be faithful to God and obey him. Being faithful is the meaning of waiting for the Lord to come. There will be no second chances when Christ returns. The Lord of the household-aka God-is not being rude when he denies entrance to the foolish virgins. He assumes those who really want t