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Is it Better to Compound Monthly or Daily?

Banks offer interest-bearing accounts to consumers that allow savers to deposit money and earn interest on balance held. Interest compounding occurs when interest begins to accrue on previously accrued interest. Financial accounts can be subject to different compounding periods such as daily or mont

How to Distribute Property in Probate

Probate is a legal process where a deceased's assets are divided based on his last will and testament. For the property to be distributed, the survivors or executor of the will must take the matter before the probate court in the state and county where the deceased lived. Once the court appoints or

US Government Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Office is the governmental entity in charge of administering retirement funds for employees throughout the United States. Aside from retirement benefits, other benefits are also available through the Social Security Office for those people who need government help due to their lo

Prom Budgeting Will Save You A Lot

The high-school prom has traditionally been the annual highlight of the school year for the average student. It gives teens the rare chance to really dress up and party with full permission of both parents ...

How to Use a TJ Maxx Gift Card at Marshall's

A gift card is a fun present to receive. With it you can treat yourself to something special. But what do you do if you see a gorgeous sweater at Marshalls and the gift card you have in your wallet is for T.J. Maxx? You buy it! T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are both part of the Marmaxx Group, so gift card

How to Get Financial Help for a Father Raising Children

Although the number of single fathers in the United States is far less than the amount of single mothers, many single male parents are left trying to find a way to provide for their children through tough financial times. Unfortunately, many resources are set up solely for single mothers. More organ

Common Equity Liquidation Values

The liquidation value for a company represents the value of a company after all assets have been sold and all liabilities have been paid. Determining this value is always going to be a subjective process as it depends on the price the company is able to receive in the event it is forced to liquidate

Student Grants for People Who Work Two Jobs

Students apply for grants through the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). If it is determined that the information reported to the government on your FAFSA demonstrates financial need, you become eligible for federal student aid in the form of grants, subsidized student loans and unsubsidized

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Unemployment

Georgia's unemployment rate in 2010 was 10 percent, slightly higher than the national average of 9.6 percent. Over 70,000 individuals filed their initial claims for unemployment benefits in August 2010. New unemployment filers in the state of Georgia often have many questions about their...

Does the FHA Require a Pest Inspection for a Rehabbed Home?

The Federal Housing Administration provides mortgage insurance on loans deemed too risky by traditional mortgage lenders. There are many benefits to an FHA loan, although there are also additional requirements and restrictions for an FHA loan that supersede a lender's requirements. Most of these inv

What Is an Annuity Period?

An annuity is an investment structure that guarantees the annuity owner an income, either starting immediately or at some future point in time. The term "period" can refer to more than one aspect of an annuity, its contract terms or payout structure. Investors should understand all the terms prior t

How to Convert an Entire IRA to Roth & Withdraw Part of Conversion a Year Later

Converting money from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA changes the status of the account from tax-deferred to tax-free. To obtain completely tax-free distributions on your IRA, you must complete the conversion by adding the converted amount to your gross income, hold the assets for at least five year

How to Negotiate Savings Account Interest

Savings accounts provide consumers flexibility in managing their cash. Savings account holders have the ability to accumulate cash and access it when needed -- unlike a CD or mutual fund -- all while earning interest on those funds. Because of this flexibility, savings accounts don't typically offer

Nebraska Nursing Scholarships & Grants

The Nebraska Office of Labor Market Information anticipates a 19 percent increase in the demand for registered nurses in the state from 2008 through 2018. To work as a registered nurse in Nebraska, professional licensing is necessary, which requires the completion of a degree program. Scholarship pr

You Need to Know the Life Simple Tips

What follows are 101 of my best frugal living tips arranged by topic. I hope you will find some ideas here that help you save not only money, but time and energy as well. I ...

How to Extend Unemployment to 53 Weeks in Arizona

The state of Arizona allows up to 20 weeks of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to an individual. During these 20 weeks, you must keep records and show proof of job searching. After that time, if you still have not found a suitable job, the state of Arizona may find you eligible to extend your be

Working After Retirement & Social Security

Social Security is not the pathway to freedom, since it only provides 40 percent of the necessary income for retirees 65 and older, according to the AARP. Full retirement age, which is 66 or 67 in 2010, pays full benefits based on your income over 35 years of employment. Most early retirees must fin

How To Manage Your Money

The year is still fresh and it's a great time to make a plan to manage your money to have a better year financially than you did last year. But figuring out how to make ...

List of Qualified Expenses for 529 Plans

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a 529 plan is typically used by families to invest money as a way to pay for future education. The 529 plan offers tax advantages that would not be available if you saved the same dollars elsewhere, because, most of the time, 529 plan earnings are not

How to Find Money, Unclaimed Property, Refunds and More Free

Each year thousands of people are unaware that they are owed money, unclaimed property, refunds and other valuable assets.Find out if you are one of these people. Here is how to find money, unclaimed property, refunds and more free.