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Different Kinds of Wire for Fences or Pens

Many kinds of fencing wire exist for use on the farm. Some are best for establishing large pastures, others are better for building small pens. Yet another category of wire is useful in the garden to keep out pests such as rabbits. No matter what your goal, there is most likely a wire fencing that

Backyard Garden Plants

The choice of backyard plants depends on the orientation of the house and garden. If the backyard faces north, the house creates shade for most of the day, and shade plants are an option for the backyard. If the backyard is on the south or west side of the house, the sun is strong and direct for muc

Facts About the Protea Flower

Protea flowers are some of the most easily identified types of flowers because of their unique appearance. They do not have separate sepals and petals, and their flower heads are composed of several blooms together. They all grow as woody shrubs or trees, rather than herbaceous. There are thousands

Date Tree Care

The date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) is a large palm tree that can grow up to 100 feet tall, producing a thick canopy of feathery green pinnate leaves. Date trees are often grown for their sugary, edible fruits.

Winter Care for Lantana Plants

Depending on the area where they grow, lantana plants either persist or become dormant during the winter. In zone 8 and to the north, during the winter, lantana remains partially or completely dormant. To the south of zone 8, wintertime may bring small blooms and even new growth. The winter hardines

How to Protect Decks From Planters

Moisture is one of the biggest problems for wood decks, causing rotting, cracking or mold-growth if untended. While greenery on a deck looks lovely and adds to a relaxed atmosphere, the water from planters can be a big concern. Decks need proper protection from planters if they are to last without h

Passion Flower Plant

The passion flower is a perennial climbing vine that is native to the southeastern areas of the Americas. Folklore states that passion flower gets its name from the corona feature that closely resembles the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at his crucifixion. Some varieties of passion fruit are edible

How to Transplant Moss Phlox

Moss phlox, also called creeping phlox, is often grown as much for its lush flowering ground cover in spring as it is for securing soil from erosion on hills, filling in shallow soil spaces in rock gardens, and filling in bare patches of lawn. You can transplant moss phlox following blooming by comp

Various Uses of Banana Tree Bark

Bananas, native to tropical Southeast and South Asia, are renowned world over for their nutritious fruit. What is often referred to as a banana "tree" is really a nonwoody plant and its "bark" is the external covering of its upright stem. Various parts of the plant find different uses: banana fruit

Trees in Washington

The evergreen branches of the Sitka spruce tree.Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe state of Washington offers a diverse ecosystem with coastal rain forests, arid scrub land, high mountain alpine meadows, old growth forests and areas of rolling grasslands. In the mid-1800s, loggers...

How to Grow Helxine Soleirolia

Also known as baby tears, Helxine soleirolia is a moss-like plant that is commonly grown indoors as a houseplant. With its tiny leaves spilling over the sides of a pot, it adds a delicate touch to the interior. H. soleirolia can also be grown outdoors, as a groundcover, in USDA plant hardiness zones

How to Plant a Pine Tree Windbreak

Windbreaks are more than just a row of pines. A good windbreak is composed of several types of trees, planted in several rows. They reduce home heating costs in winter by blocking winds that hit the north and west sides of a house. They can give livestock a place to shelter. A good windbreak can eve

How Do Plants Store Excess Sugar?

Plants, Cells, and StarchAll living organisms are formed from units called cells. All cells contain DNA to create other cells. The cells are semipermeable, which means they allow some substances to get through the membrane and deny others access. Plant cells are a bit more complex. They...

Cauliflower With Black Spots on the Stems

Cauliflower is a cool-season cole crop that is grown for its thick, white flower heads. Cauliflower thrives in temperatures ranging between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but can withstand light frosts also. Growing cauliflower in warm temperatures often causes many cauliflower diseases to form, espe

Nitrogen Fertilizers for Red Ginger

Red ginger is an ornamental plant with green foliage, vibrant red floral bracts and white flowers. It grows in tropical and subtropical climates, in wet or dry areas. Red ginger prefers rich soil, so gardeners might need to add a fertilizer containing nitrogen to help the plant thrive. Nitrogen fert

Plants for Low Hedges

Hedges don't have to be high to be attractive. Plants used for low hedges have a variety of textures, colors, forms, blooms and berries that add interest to the landscape throughout the year. Use plants to create low hedges around the borders of the yard and to enhance the flow of...

Will Blackberries Grow in Tennessee?

Blackberry plants produce a sweet berry that connoisseurs can enjoy straight from the plant or use in pies, fruit dishes, creams and even wines. Gardeners in Tennessee have a choice between two types of blackberries.

How to Plant a Papaya Tree

The papaya is native to tropical America. It requires year-round warmth, as just a brief exposure to frost damages the plant, compromising its ability to produce. If cold weather persists, the plants die. Propagate papaya through seeds. Since seedlings don’t transplant well, sow the seeds in l

How to Apply Fertilizer to Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a warm-season vegetable with a long growing period. The pumpkin does not tolerate cold weather, so it is important to encourage as much growth as possible during the summer to improve the size of the harvested pumpkin. Pumpkins are voracious eaters, so soil nutrients often need replenis