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Designing With Plants - Shape and Form

Designing with plants using their shape or form can be an excellent way of creating structured and interesting focal points within a landscape and garden design. Some plants have naturally interesting shapes with interesting leave patterns. Other plants can be pruned creating simple to interesting s

Low Maintenance Front Yard Shrubs

When selecting low-maintenance shrubs for your front yard, research before you purchase. If you buy on impulse or because you like the look of a shrub, you may end up with a plant that needs coddling. Investigating the possibilities for your region will help you sort out those shrubs that pair hardi

How to Cover Up a Stump in Your Yard

Tree stumps are generally unsightly in yards, and most homeowners choose to remove them. However, stump removal isn't a practical solution for homeowners who cannot manually dig out stumps or operate large, heavy equipment, such as stump grinders. Covering an unwanted tree stump with a raised flower

Is Zoysia Sod Right For Your Landscape Project?

Any plants possessing chlorophyll increase levels of oxygen, decrease greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, and help filter ground water. The very best sod you can find for your specific climate is found at your local sod farm. Sod farms are known for fresh, cut sod pallets and sod rolls of a va

Using a Turnbuckle to Make a Clothesline

A major complaint about clotheslines is that the clothesline rope sags or droops over time. Turnbuckles are great tools to help keep a clothesline from sagging. Use turnbuckles to make a clothesline so you can tighten or loosen the clothesline rope with ease.

How to Install Landscaping Pavers

Landscaping pavers add appeal to any yard. You can choose from a number of designs and use them to create a patio area, walkway or driveway. Pavers come in brick, stone or concrete. You could hire professionals to install pavers in your yard or you could do it yourself and save money.

Site Selection and Solar Orientation

One of the fundamental aspects of site planning is the selection of the most advantageous terrain for a particular function. Of course, a favorable location of the chosen parcel is a boon to real estate agents, who routinely stress the convenience of accessibility.

Border Landscaping to Prevent Bugs

If you work hard to create a thriving, attractive landscape, it can feel especially frustrating when insects damage your plants or make it miserable to spend time outside. Before you reach for harsh, side-effect-laden chemical pesticides, try bug-repellent plants in your borders. Whether through tox

How to Calculate Spacing Between Deck Boards

All installed decking should have a gap between each course of material to promote adequate drainage. The purpose of drainage is to allow all standing water to fall to the ground below and any moisture that is left to dry. When deck boards are too tight, water will not be able to drain, causing th

Landscape Design Ideas - Add Character to Your Home

If you have just bought a new home or are planning to add some character to your existing home, you know just how important landscape design ideas can be. You sure are excited about adding your personal touch to the home. So where do you get started?

Thermo Pride Installation Instructions

Thermo Pride is a manufacturer of furnaces that can be used in a modular home, a manufactured home and residential one-story dwellings. A gas furnace is typically installed in these types of homes and can be located in various areas in your home. If you have a home without a basement, one place that

How to Operate a Post Hole Digger

When you want to install posts for a fence or handrail for a stairway, you need to dig deep holes in the ground. Digging post holes is much easier with a tool custom made for the job. Post hole diggers have two metal blades on the bottom and two long handles on top. When you pull the two handles apa

How to Lay Block Paving

Laying block paving allows you to create a walkway or patio area that adds a special dimension to your yard or landscaping. Though this project often requires copious amounts of planning and design, failing to complete this part of the project can result in delayed construction. You should use only

Do It Yourself Garden Patio Landscaping in Phoenix, Arizona

A shortage of water is the biggest problem facing the home gardener in a desert climate. Desert landscaping, also known as xeriscaping, incorporates native, drought tolerant plants that conserve water. Intense sun, boulders, rocks and sand are plentiful in the desert; green is at a premium. Landscap

DIY Aeroponic Sprayer

Aeroponic spray systems are used to spray the roots of plants with a nutrient solution. They sit inside a reservoir along with a submersible pump and circulate the solution through the sprayer. A versatile sprayer works in many different reservoirs, from buckets to Tupperware bins. They do not requi

How to Kill Locust Trees by Burning

Black locust trees are often found in the lawn and landscape of many homes. Locust trees provide shade for a landscape or yard and a source of food and shelter for many animal species. Capable of growing among other trees such as oak and maple, black locust do not compete well especially in the shad

Differences Between Plastic, Cement & Mortar

Cement, mortar and plastic are different types of materials used to construct, repair or increase the durability of objects. However, they serve different purposes. For example, when building a fence, cement --- not mortar or plastic --- is added along with water to the hole to set the fence post. T