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Scales and Designs of Roco Model Trains

Back in the 1960s, Roco Company was launched and their goal was to provide the market with economical yet highly detailed model kits. The kits can cater to the needs of children and adults. Today, the company still exists and their products are one of the most popular among modeler or hobbyists.

Steps to Make Your Own Candles

Do you want to make your own candles but think it may be a little tough to do? Well, here is some news: it is not difficult at all. You just need to know the right steps. As long as you follow these steps, you can make your own candles without a hitch.

Bowl Crafts

Check out all of these crafts that are made using bowls. Learn how to make cute ladybugs, musical instruments, and much more.

Geek Mom

Learn more about this wonderful book titled Geek Moms.

Acrylic Painting Lesson - Mistakes To Avoid In Your Acrylic Paintings

When you are just starting out with acrylic painting, you will most certainly make your share of mistakes. This is the natural process of painting and we all learn and grow from our mistakes. This article introduces some of the more common mistakes beginner acrylic painters make.


It is nice to have elastic on hand for a variety of purposes. I especially like to make sure I have elastic thread on hand for instant jewelry making projects.

How to Make a Stoneware Crock

Stoneware pottery is fired at a very high temperature, around 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, making it stronger than other types of pottery, such as ceramics which are fired at around 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit. Decorate stoneware with a decal or painted and clear coated, requiring a second firing. Due to

Making Crafts

Making crafts has become a rally popular hobby of late. It is a creative way to pass one's spare time.

Great Photography With a DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras can make photography fun and exciting. Your pictures will turn out great but you will need to practice a bit since this is not your average point and shoot type of camera.

The Right Woodcraft Plans Can Make Or Break Your Project

Even the most skilled craftsman needs good woodcraft plans to get the project done right. Without good plans, any wood working project can take longer and cost more than you may expect. And the final result probably won't be as good either.

Are you a Scrap Lifter?

Do a quick search on the internet for scraplifting and you'll find a lot of discussions on the subject. (And a few junkyard websites...but that's a whole different definition of the term.)

Noodle Snowflake Craft

Find out how you can use a variety of noodles to create fun snowflakes.

Collecting World Coins for Fun and Profit

Why collect World Coins? Their variety, beauty, scarcity, history and intrigue all beckon us to collect them. Coin collecting is one of the few hobbies where you can get tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment and actually get all your money back and even profit handsomely if you collect wisely.