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How to Hang Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Bar

Pendant lights are fixtures, usually for a single bulb, which hang from the ceiling on a rope, chain or rigid tube. They are well-suited for dining nooks, bars, counters and lounges. They make excellent accent lights, and can also be used as a main lighting source over a small area. Pendant lights a

Cornice Styles

The custom-made cornice comes in a number of shapes and styles. All cornices are nonfunctional, structured upholstered window dressings, that serve as a decorative top treatment to establish visual continuity. Cornices often camouflage (or even conceal) design flaws of the window or wall. Because a

The Dishwasher Tablet Is Not Dissolving

While dishwashers vary widely in size, color, features and options, they all require dishwashing detergent in order to do their jobs. Dishwasher tablets are made of premeasured compressed dishwasher powder. They can be purchased at most grocery stores and home retail stores and are placed directly i

How to Check Circuit Breaker Voltage

All of our electrical devices in the home require a consistent voltage to operate. The circuit breaker panel distributes the voltage from the power company safely throughout the home. A single circuit breaker, single pole, will deliver between 110 Volts Alternating Current (VAC) to 125 VAC. This is

How to Clean My Self-Cleaning Mr. Coffee Maker

The self-cleaning feature included in some Mr. Coffee coffeemaker models helps clean the white, scaly remnants left by hard water. If your coffee has an odd taste or odor, you should clean your machine. In addition to cleaning the inside of the coffeemaker with the self-cleaning function, you should

How to Install Range Hood Fan Vent In The Roof

Installing a hood fan vent over your range can improve the air in and around your kitchen. If you invest in a hood fan for your range, it will vent the grease, hot air, and odor out of your home.

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler JC-46A Soleus: Troubleshooting Guide

Soleus Air is a maker of air conditioners, ventilation fans, electric heaters, water coolers and wine coolers. The JC-46 thermoelectric wine cooler holds up to 17 750mL bottles of wine at one time. Maintaining and troubleshooting your Soleus Air JC-46 wine cooler should take just a few minutes to co

How to Replace Agitator Directional Cogs

Occasionally, you will find that the agitator in your washing machine stops turning, preventing your clothes from washing properly. This generally happens when the agitator directional cogs have worn out from usage. You can replace the directional cogs yourself in less than a half hour, saving you

How to Calculate CFM for Range Hoods

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a measurement used to rate exhaust fans. Exhaust fans come in a variety of sizes and styles dependent on their intended application. When determining the proper CFM for a range hood fan, there are three factors to consider: a) the size of the kitchen area, b) the BTU (

Electrical Requirements for Kitchen Appliances

Electrical requirements for kitchen appliances should be wired with energy efficiency in mind. Not all wiring on your house plans will be up to code or energy efficient. Read more to find out how your electrician should...

Food Smokers Really Are A Healthy Choice

Nowadays everybody has made choice for change. We have made a commitment to being healthier and fitter we want to have the best in our way of life. We want to have the best from free from the fatty acids and cholesterol of frying oils. All of us basically just want to have refreshing and healthy, wh

How to Fix a Loose Electric Burner

The contact points of the electric burner are made of two flat pieces of metal that are designed to plug into the socket inside the top of the range. Occasionally, the contact points can wear out or work loose from the burner being moved around, resulting in the electric burner failing to heat up. Y

How to Install a Light Socket on an Existing Circuit

Tapping into an existing circuit to add a light socket or fixture is an excellent project for beginning do-it-yourselfers. Because the hard work of adding the branch circuit to your home's electrical system has already been done, all you need to do is make a few cuts in the drywall and ceiling, inst

Can You Hire A Handyman For Denver Furnace Repair?

When your furnace start acting up, you have to call someone in to fix it. After all, you’re probably not an experienced HVAC repairman. You need to hire someone who understands furnaces and has extensive experience with Denver furnace repair.

Raywall Wall Heaters Information

A wall heater installs on either your wall or ceiling, so it doesn't take up valuable floor space like traditional heaters. Raywall is a brand of heating and cooling products sold by the TPI Corporation, which specializes in commercial, residential and industrial products. The company offers differe

Small Refrigerator for Wine

Nothing goes better with a nice dinner than a chilled bottle of wine: red or white to taste. In fact the very act of letting it breath on the counter while dinner preparations are seen to can add an air of classiness and romance to the atmosphere. However, the most important factor in this scenario

The Benefits of Free Standing Air Conditioners

Free standing air conditioners are portable appliances that can be moved about, as and when required. There are several reasons why they make an ideal purchase for many people, and here are just a few of them.

How to Repair an LG Front Load Washer That Will Not Rinse

Your LG washer runs through several cycles during the washing process. Towards the end is the rinse cycle, which drains away all the soap and dirt from the wash. If your clothes are coming out of the wash still soapy, you may have an issue with the tub draining or failing to fill during the rinse cy