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Physical Properties of Glucose

Glucose is a tiny molecule of sugar. Glucose circulates in the blood and is used as energy for cellular reactions. Glucose is found in the diet in the form of carbohydrates. The larger carbohydrate molecule is broken down in the stomach and the small intestine using enzymes. The enzymes break down t

How to Calculate Implicit Rate

Calculating the implicit rate of return on an investment presupposes an explicit interest rate on the returns--a rate that otherwise would have been unstated. For example, are returns of $300 at the end of the first year of investing, $400 at the end of the second, and $500 at the end of the final y

Behavioral Learning Theories

Behavioral learning theories are a part of behaviorism, which is the study of the behavior of a person or animal reacting to something in the environment. The reaction is termed the "response," and the thing causing the reaction is the "stimulus." Psychologist B.F. Skinner began working on behaviora

How to Make Liquid Motion Toys

Since the 1970s, liquid motion toys have been entertaining and are slow-moving distractions for people of all ages. The lava lamp was the first object to use liquid motion, which is a composed of oil and water. Nowadays, liquid motion toys come in the form of desk paperweights, pencils and snow-glob

How to Build a Box for Your Medals

When you are awarded a medal for a sporting achievement or military service, you'll want to keep it from becoming lost or damaged. A shadow box is a convenient way to protect and display your medals, keeping the items dust-free and still allowing you to admire them. The box will keep the medals out

3rd-Grade Science Projects With Salt & Boiling Water

Third-grade science experiments require introductory concepts, such as properties of water. The boiling point of water is a common topic in the third-grade classroom and there are several projects that a student can conduct at home with a parent to illustrate the properties. Common experiments with

How to Convert Used Tires Into Diesel Fuel

Every year, millions of old, used tires from cars and trucks pile up as waste. Researchers have discovered a way to create diesel fuel from used tires. They have designed highly technical, specialized equipment that heats the rubber from the tires to a very high temperature. The gas created by this

How to Clean a Lever-Action Gun

Lever-action weapons, otherwise known as "lever-guns," fall into the larger category of hunting rifles, and are cycled through their action by cocking a lever. Unlike bolt-action rifles, lever-action weapons typically feature a tube magazine, while some models hold a small box magazine to accommodat

How to Convert a Wand Sprayer to a Boom Sprayer

Cleaning a gutter is expedited by spraying water under pressure through the channel. To remove contaminants that have become firmly stuck in the gutter, convert the wand sprayer to the higher pressure boom sprayer. The procedure is done through the use of an accessory that changes the pressure of th

Mushrooms of Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is home to many species of mushrooms -- far too many, in fact, to be able to identify. While some of these mushrooms are edible, many are poisonous as well. Mushroom gathering can be fun, and wild mushrooms make a delicious dinner when they're properly cooked and eaten, but it

How to Make a Simple Cube Lounge Chair

This simple cube lounge chair beckons you to sit and relax. Modern and sleek lines define this outdoor gem that is as attractive as it is practical. Save money when you build your own cube lounge chair, as retail varieties are expensive. Finish your lounge to match your existing outdoor decor using

How to Kill a Turkey

Turkey meat is both delicious and nutritious. However, free-range turkeys you raise yourself often taste much different (some would argue better) than commercially raised turkeys. The problem is that raising your own turkeys for food means that eventually you're going to have to complete the task of

The Natural Habitat of the Llama

Llamas are mammals belonging to the "lamoids" animal family. This family includes alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas, all of which are related to camels. Domesticated by the indigenous Indians, llamas were discovered by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. The name "llama" means "flame" in Spa

How Make a Mechanical Arm With a PVC Pipe

Mechanical arms are used in many industrial and manufacturing facilities. These arms are used to manipulate the environment and perform specific tasks. Mechanical arms range in their abilities. This mechanical arm can be used to scoop up or throw small items. This PVC mechanical arm is not complex

How to Scare the Bird on Poptropica

The primary mission on Big Nate Island in Poptropica is to help Nate find a time capsule. To search the school grounds, you must repair the school bell to make the girls in the playground return to the school. However, a nesting seagull blocks access to the bell. To scare the bird away, you must shi

How to Assemble a Glock Slide

Disassembling a Glock handgun is a simple process--thanks mostly to the very efficient design of all Glock products. Reassembling a Glock pistol--or even a Glock pistol slide--can be a bit more daunting because of the simple fact that it always seems easier to take something apart than it is to put

Making a Stained Glass Lamp

Stained glass is a beautiful work of art with many applications in the world of arts and crafts, including home decor. Using stained glass techniques, you can create a stunning lamp by making a shade out of stained glass. Stained glass lamps usually feature an intricate floral theme using many piece

Intermolecular Forces in the Structure of Propane

Intermolecular forces are forces between molecules. Compared to the forces that hold a molecule together, they are usually relatively weak, although they are ultimately the forces that hold molecules in liquids and solids together. The strength of the intermolecular materials in a substance determin

How to Adjust Radial Arm Saw Tables

Radial arm saws can be used to make precision cuts into wood. Radial arm saws can also be set up to cut at specific angles. However, unless your saw table is properly aligned, your saw will be unable to deliver cuts at precision angles. You can adjust the table by using the motor as a feeler gauge;

How to Calculate the Tonnage for a Punch Press

In metalworking, a punch press refers to any device that cuts holes into a sheet of material. While hand-operated models still exist, punch presses commonly employ automated computer-numerical control (CNC) systems coupled will hydraulic pistons capable of a generating hundreds of tons of force. To