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Conceive a Girl With These 6 Effective Tips

Conceiving a baby is one of the happiest moments in woman's life. It is the culmination of her dreams of starting a family with their husband. There are expecting parents that prefer their first-born to be female.

Mind Your Health - You Are Pregnant

With the hectic pace of life today, it is crucial to take adequate health of oneself especially if one is pregnant. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy when you are a would be mom.

Chemical Pregnancies

Have you ever had a late period? Noticed that your flow was slightly different, maybe a bit heavier? Perhaps your breasts felt more tender than usual. If you answered yes, then there is a chance you m

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy - Which Drugs Are Safe?

While pregnant or breastfeeding the best advice is not to take any drugs at all. You have to consider your baby first and try to minimize any harmful substances that he or she might take in. If you absolutely have to take action then the best option is topical acne fighting preparation.

Ab Exercises & Pregnancy

During pregnancy, do all you can to stay fit and healthy. Proper abdominal exercises will prevent a separation between your ab muscles, relieve back pain and help your body prepare for labor and delivery. After consulting your doctor, try some of these abdominal exercises to keep you and the baby ha

Online Pregnancy Test - Are Online Pregnancy Test Accurate?

What exactly a pregnancy test on the internet does is a question that many women ask. How handy would it be to find out online if you're pregnant? This means no trips to the store to purchase pregnancy tests, no expensive tests to purchase repeatedly until the day you find out that you are expe

Donor Eggs & Donor Embryos

The quality of a woman's eggs is directly related to fertility and is crucial to conception. Some of a woman's eggs will be so-called good egg while some will not. Age is among one of the biggest fact

Stay Fit While Being Pregnant

Don't let pregnancy be an excuse to get overweight. Yes, you will end up gaining weight from the baby, but there is a healthy way to do this. Check out these tips and guidelines to ensure you stay active even when you are pregnant.

Conception And Pre-pregnancy

Is pregnancy just the nine months before your child is born? Of course not, and good parents are going to consider things like conception, and the months before they conceive. Why?

How In Vitro Fertilization Works

For those who are interested in learning more about how in vitro fertilization works, here is a little bit of a breakdown as to what is done. Before the Procedure About 2 weeks before your procedure, you will begin what is called hormone therapy. You will be given fertility drugs which you will have

Expecting Moms Should Watch This Supplement

It's tough, in an exciting sort of way. Carrying a child is no easy burden, but for the most part it is a labor of love, and the best women are absolutely ready to meet challenges head on. They are daily, hourly, and moment to moment.