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Why Abortion to Discontinue Pregnancy

What we mean by Abortion: Abortion is a medical process which results in the ending of pregnancy so that birth of a child can be stopped. In medical term this is also known as ‚¬termination ...

Common Excretory System Diseases

The excretory system is vital to proper bodily functioning and overall health. Although the primary method of excretion is urination, the body also excretes urea and salt through the skin when through sweating. The most common excretory system diseases are usually related to kidney...

Know how do you get AIDS?

Drug addicts are more vulnerable to HIV infection because they share needles when injecting drugs in their body. You can see drug addicts are usually HIV infected and they spread infections to others

How to Treat a Severe Abrasion

An abrasion is an injury that is generally caused by friction. Abrasions create damage to the outer layers of the skin. A severe abrasion, however, involves the lower layers of skin as well, and can be extraordinarily painful. Here are the treatment options for a severe abrasion.

Lymphedema Therapy

According to various studies, it is only through proper treatments that lymphedema can be taken care with. Lymphedema is a condition that is difficult to get rid off, however effective lymphedema therapy and exercises along with a proper skin care routine can work wonders in compressing this conditi

What is Edema and How Can it Affect Me?

People from all walks of life, whether healthy or unhealthy, need to be informed regarding what is edema, what its effects can be on the body, how to stave it off - and what to do if someone has this condition. This is because, as will be discussed, anyone can get it, even someone who is healthy.

Top Tips to Treat and Prevent Heel Pain

Try to consider the pain positively and learn to listen to its message. You will find that this treatment towards heel pain is the best form of protection against repeating injury that can cause more

What is a Foodborne Illness or “food Poisoning”?

Foodborne illness, or 'food poisoning,' occurs when food contaminated with bacteria or other pathogens, such as parasites or viruses, is consumed. Poisonous chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful su

Different Kinds of Children Anxiety

There is no logical reason for this kind of fear or worry in GAD. Children may also suffer from restlessness, difficulty with sleeping, upset stomach and fatigue. This kind of child is not able to adj

Step by Step on How To Use Bleach For Ringworm

Ringworm is a very common fungal infection that will appear on a variety of locations on your body. The symptoms that come along with it like intense itching, burning, blisters that ooze puss, and hid

Tongue Yeast Infection

A tongue yeast infection is a miserable condition. It affects every part of your day - from brushing your teeth, eating food, even just trying to do something simple like talking.This article will talk about symptoms and treatment for a yeast infection of the tongue.

You Can Now Try Aloe For Ulcerative Colitis

Do you suffer from Ulcerative Colitis? Have you been on the look out for a permanent solution? May we interest you in a natural solution? Aloe vera. Aloe has an ability of potent internal healing whic

Cauterization Remedy for Nosebleeds

Though generally harmless, frequent nosebleeds can be a hassle. Brought on by injury, dry air and lack of moisture or as a complication from another illness, some people may seek a permanent solution to frequent nosebleeds. Cauterization burns the vessels responsible for bleeding by using silver nit

Biggest Teeth Grinding Causes!

The effects of both clenching and teeth grinding are related and well known within those who are affected by it. Maybe you are enduring a mild behavior or an agonizing disorder, the causes down below

What Are the Treatments for Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is an airborne bacterial infection. When a person breaths in the bacteria, it enters their lungs. Once in the lungs, the individual is said to have latent tuberculosis or latent TB. This means the bacteria is present but not active, and the person isn't contagious. There is always the p

Cause and Effect of Dementia

Dementia is associated with major degradation of the human memory retention and other cognitive capabilities. Dementia is the main reason for impairment and death rate, and leads to an elevated anguish for patients and their families.

Compression Socks and More: Understanding and Preventing DVT

Deep-vein thrombosis, or simply DVT, is a common yet very serious medical condition that affects nearly 2 million Americans each year, but many are unaware of it. DVT occurs when a blood clot forms, usually in the lower limbs, and either partially or fully blocks circulation. If left untreated, the