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Alcohol and the Effects it Has on Fitness

Information on how alcohol affects the human body when combined with exercise. Includes a brief look at the effects it has on sleeping patterns, hormones and weight gain/loss.

Adhd And Eating Disorders

An estimated three to five percent of American youth and four percent of adults are affected by the neurobiological disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Drug Rehab Voices of Recovery - Getting Arrested Saves a Ruined Life

Dennis had been awake for four or five days, was late for his flight, and shoved a small packet containing methamphetamine in his carry on bag at the last minute. As it traveled through the X-ray machine, a guard noticed the suspicious material and notified the police.

Alcohol Misuse - How Genes and Emotions Play

When life closes its doors at you, the usual next step is to get into a club or bar. The menu? Beer. And this tends to be abused and people can back it up reasons that sound credible enough.

Simple Ways To Quit Smoking

Millions of people around the world both men and women are hooked in cigarette smoking. The hazards of this vice is not a secret to us, the media and the government have been constantly reminding the citizens about the health risks of smoking, yet smokers ignore those quit smoking signs and commerci

Adult Smoking Cessation 101

The primary reason of adult smoking cessation is for the general well being of people. It is equally true that not all adult smoking cessation campaigns result in success. It is possible only with appropriate knowledge and insight so that you do not go back to your old days of smoking.

Alcoholism - The Basics, The Dangers, And Getting Help

According to the medical community, alcoholism is a disease and/or addiction to the consumption of alcohol, and an inability to recognize the disabling effects of excessive alcohol consumption. An individual suffering from alcoholism has a dependence on alcohol, and may suffer severe withdrawal symp

6 Days Preparation To Quit Smoking For Good

Quiting smoking is not only a dream. The ways to stop smoking you've seen, it is not intended to be the only method used to help you quit smoking.In fact, research has shown that 15% to 20% of gum users who successfully quit smoking continue using the gum for a year or longer.

The Personal And Enduring Effects Of Christian Rehab

He was, once, an addict trapped in the belief that he was worthless to God and man, un-redeemable, unloved and unrepentant. He had forgotten his Christian upbringing, the knowledge that Jesus was the

Clinique Oily Skin Care

Their home now whenever they feel like their skinspriority fun something refreshingly a just cause of Advent spray it on your face now you mightthink as anywhere no longer planes you okay skincare and I'm ...


Definition of the drug slang term 'Came' from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse glossary of drug street terms.

Why Hair Drug Tests Can't Be Cheated

Cheating a drug test is a very popular subject on the internet. But not so fast! Hair drug tests combine accuracy and result depth, and get this, can't be cheated. Find out why this is so by reading the article.

Quit Smoking...You Know You've Been Thinking About It

Quitting smoking doesn't have to be a horrible thing.Most people condition themselves to believe that quitting smoking is going to be more difficult than trying to swim upstream in a set of class four rapids with their hands tied.