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Farming With Aquaponics

What species or types of fish can be used in the aquaponic system? What fruits, vegetables, and plants can be grown with this system? It is said that farming with aquaponics can be done in the home; is this true?

Bonsai Trimming For The Win!

Trimming your (first) Bonsai tree can be challenging. You have the right tools, but you're still wondering "is this a good idea?" Well, you might want to read this first.

Beginners Tips For Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouses make a great addition to any garden. They allow you to grow plant varieties that would not be suitable for outside areas, and to extend the growing season for other species. But for those ...

Germinating Orchid Seeds

There are several ways to propagate, or reproduce, orchids. If a grower wishes to produce a hybrid, or a new orchid that contains some of the characteristics of two different orchids, the grower will start from seed.

3 Superman Ways To Keep Those Pesky Cats Out Of Your Garden

If there's one thing that was the constant bain of my existence, it was those pesky cats from next door. You know the type. That great big ball of fluff that every one thinks is as cute as a button. But they don't have to pick up the little "presents" left behind in your yard now

Grow Herb Containers – Freshness At Its Best

Growing your own fresh herbs is a delight, especially if you are a keen cook. Herbs are great in cooked dishes or fresh in those lovely salads. Herbs containers are available in a variety of designs a

Bird FeedersHummingbird, Platform And Tube Feeders

Are you new to the bird feeding community and would like to invest in some bird feeders?There are many different types of bird feeders but this information will cover three popular bird feeders: hummingbird, platform and tube bird feeders.

How to Prune an Angelonia

Angelonia angustafolia is a species of evergreen subtropical sub-shrub or bedding perennial sometimes referred to colloquially as summer snapdragon. The flowers are borne on slim, upright stems in varying hues of pale lavender to deep purple blue to white and less commonly pink. The plant is summer

Worm Composting Indoors Or Outdoors

Worm composting is a wonderful way to recycle your food waste into a rich soil conditioner that can be used in the garden. Worm composting can be done indoors in a basement or a kitchen, or outdoors on a back porch.

The Best Low Light Houseplants

There are actually all sorts of house plants that need very little light and can thrive in cold environments. You would be amazed to hear about the various options for low light house plants in your home.

How to Make a Mini Zen Garden

Zen gardens are Japanese rock gardens that add a unique, aesthetic appeal to the landscape. They are said to help relax and heal the mind, body and soul, and have been used in miniature versions in the home or at the office. Zen gardens were originally created as a meditation aid and for teaching sp

Seven Questions Before You Build a Shed

With the inexperienced builder it's critical that you have all you need ready before you you start building. Naturally the most beneficial way to accomplish that is put together an organized plan. If you have ...

What Is the Aeonium Plant?

Aeonium is a genus of around 35 species of succulent plants that form rosettes of leaves. Several species and hybrids are common in cultivation, including Aeonium arboreum "Atropurpureum," which has dark purple to blackish leaves. Aeoniums grow well as houseplants on sunny windowsills or on rockerie

Easy Tips To Hire Tree Removal Experts

It's easy to find and hire tree removal experts, provided you know what you are looking for. I have shared 3 simple pointers, which will help you hire such pros.

Butterfly Gardens in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Butterflies offer many more benefits than just their aesthetic beauty, which can be considerable. One-third of agricultural products grown for humans rely on natural pollinators such as butterflies, bees and birds, according to researchers at Mississippi State University. Thus, an increase in butter

Hydroponics Gardening Troubleshooting

When using hydroponics systems to grow plants, the gardener uses an inert growing medium such as clay pellets to anchor the plant. The system in which the plant is placed provides nutrient-enriched water directly to the roots. Depending on the type of system, roots are either immersed in the solutio

Uses for a Garden Bathtub for Storage

For maximum efficiency in a small bathroom, building an enclosure around a stand-alone tub adds extra storage room. However, a garden bathtub can itself be used for storage in a variety of settings both inside and outside the home. Old-fashioned claw-foot bathtubs are the most decorative, but any ov