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Bridal Wedding Makeup Sydney: Finding Your Ideal Makeup

Each woman hopes to look amazing in their wedding day, even ladies dream of walking down the aisle with the million dollar look and each female would be jealously staring at them. Cameras may capture these pictures where brides are at their finest. Every bride may feel diversed emotions while waitin

Factors for Choosing a Restaurant for a Teen Party

Choosing the right restaurant for a teen party can be enjoyable yet complicated. Having a party in a restaurant can be a creative way to celebrate momentous occasions such as a Sweet 16 birthday party, a Jewish bar mitzvah or even a graduation party. A party at a restaurant also can be easier for th

Tips For Selecting A Wedding Videographer

Obtaining your wedding video is a wonderful thought. A video allows you to return back and see every part of your Melbourne Wedding Ceremony, although pictures are great. In order to ensure you have a ...

Southern or Redneck-Style Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

For a southern or redneck-themed wedding, you can either go classy or total redneck. For a classy southern wedding, choose centerpieces like canning jars or glass pitchers. For a more redneck theme, go with beer bottles and hay bales. Choose flowers and candles that match the wedding color theme, an

Kinky Adult Party Games

Whether you and your significant other is hosting a swingers party, or you are just having a naughty night of fun with your friends, there are tons of kinky games you can play. Playing naughty games at parties can be a lot of fun for people who practice safe and clean habits and activities.

How to Make a Confetti Canon

A confetti cannon makes any event into a spectacle by showering confetti over a crowd at just the right moment. This electric air cannon is reusable, reliable and safe, and it shoots a pound of compressed confetti 20 feet into the air in just under a second, perfect for parties, picnics, and wedding

Smart Use of Flowers at Your Reception

Choosing florals for your wedding reception wisely can get you a lot of bang for your buck. Overwhelming your reception venue with floral displays will not necessarily give your the look you want.

Favourite Settings For A Wedding Marquee Reception

Today there are numerous choices of places that enable you to site a wedding marquee. In the following paragraphs I am going to describe a few of the choices for holding a wedding marquee party.

Small Places to Get Married

Have a small, intimate rings and bouquet image by eboss6 from Fotolia.comSmall weddings are perfect for creating a very intimate setting for you and your guests. Not only do you get to spend more time with your friends and family, but also enjoy yourself more and spend...

Decoration Ideas for Kids Tables

Holiday gatherings, weddings and other family events with an adult atmosphere require tables specifically for the kids. Don't let the children think they are being shunted aside; ensure your party is fun for young and old alike. Decorate the kids' table with items that match your overall theme but a

A Wedding Planning Timeline

When planning a wedding, it is important to know where to start. There are so many things to organize and plan for, and it helps to have an idea of how far in advance each one should be done. What you need is to follow a wedding planning timeline.

The Wedding Marquee

Most of the time, the wedding ceremony is held in the church and is followed by extensive wedding reception ceremonies later. The wedding reception is usually held at a different location which is again decorated properly for the big day. Wedding marquees or tents are of great help and for most who

Motocross Birthday Party Ideas

Motocross is a rising sport that has no particular season so racing fans can celebrate with a Motocross party year round. Motocross can be a form of motorcycle, ATV or BMX bike racing held on a dirt track. There are jumps and obstacles and is very physically demanding of the riders. Fans come in all

Your Wedding Guest List: The First Steps

Putting together a guest list is one of the trickiest and one of the most stressful parts of any wedding planning. There never seems to be enough room for all the people that you'd like ...

Summer Wedding Ideas For Couples

Summer is the most popular time for marriages, and these wedding ideas let couples have their unique wedding and reception without breaking the budget. Couples can choose from indoor or outdoor wedding venues for saying "I do" and holding their reception.

Baguette Wedding Ring

If you really want a wedding ring that shows off exactly who you are with style and sparkle, and makes you comfort, just choose baguette wedding ring. It's amazing how much range of style can be found in baguette wedding ring.

Ideas for a Potluck Lunch

Potlucks are a way to bring large groups of people together for inexpensive entertaining and can be organized to suit a variety of circumstances. There is only one rule to potlucks: everyone brings a dish or two to share, enough for the entire group or perhaps enough to feed a dozen or so. Food shou

Help In Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress

One of those special times in your life has arrived, getting married. You now begin the activities to make that day as special a memory as you can. My friend is a dressmaker and has worked in a bridal salon for years. Two concerns that brides have when picking out the perfect wedding dress are: will