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Compliments for Girls Should Be Utilized With Caution

Compliments for girls only work in certain circumstances: 1) when the girl is currently interested in you, 2) when the compliment is very subtle and unanticipated, and 3) if you're currently in a relationship with ...

6 Ways to Get, And Keep, a Woman's Attention

Women, like men, are often hard to read. Sometime you may think they like one thing, when in truth they're on a whole other page. Trying to "figure" women out, is something that just can't be done. As a result, preparation is the only weapon an man can arm himself with - if he ev

Know the Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

All you gals who are in a relationship and can't get enough of your boyfriend, remember that you have to work on your relationship. Just having arm candy is not enough; you have to think of c

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You - 2 Things That Matter

Did you ever want to learn how to tell if a guy likes you? Well, do not worry because you are not alone in this field. I know it is not easy to do this because as we all know our feelings are subjective.

How to Make a Girl Your Girlfriend - Simple Strategies For Seducing a Friend

Listen, if you have been eying your gal pal for quite some time now and wish for her to finally see you as a boyfriend, don't worry - we can help you out. If you have had a crush on this girl for the longest time and she only sees you as a mere friend, you should take a look at these killer eff

First Date Mistakes You Can Avoid

A first date can be a difficult and uncomfortable situation. You are uptight, nervous, and concerned about making a good first impression on the other person. All of this stress can add up to embarrassing mistakes. While We are all prone to making errors in judgment when we are dating, it's pos

Womens Biggest Turn-offs

Okay, so a quick caveat to this article, this is based on what €real€ women think. I think it's kind of funny that (almost) all of these things covered in this piece are contradictory to ...

The Best Tips on How to Pick Up Women

Have you ever wondered why there are just some men who seem to know everything there is to know on how to pick up women? Do you want to be as suave and as smooth as them? Are you wishing that you had the same charms to pick up any woman you want? If you answered yes to any of our questions, then thi

Will a Beautiful Filipino Girl Marry a Guy Like Me?

Filipino girls take her relationships seriously. Being in a relationship is a serious matter with Filipino ladies. They see a relationship as a step towards marriage, so that is why she must consider a man very well before choosing him as a boyfriend. That is why many Filipino girls are expected to

Do You Want to Build Trust in Your Relationship? Take These Steps

Do you want to build trust in your relationship? Often, what makes a relationship work may not be the things we think of first. Your ability to predict your partner for instance, is more important in the relationship than you trying to spice it up with variety.

Key Herbs That Can Improve Your Libido

Medicinal or botanical herbs have fast gained recognition in alleviating and curing even the most persistent health maladies. They can also, however, improve other aspects of your health. One of those being your libido or sex drive.

Three Big Beautiful Women to Be Admired

A Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) has much to be proud of. Flying against convention that beauty only comes in small, puny packages, it really does comes down to attitude. Accepting one's self as they are and wearing their inner virtues on the outside makes one positively sexy. Confident, self-aware,

How to Forgive People And Find Your Way Back Into Love

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi We've all been hurt by others, treated poorly, trust and hearts were broken. And while it's normal to feel that ...

She Don’t Need No ID

So many people these days are looking older at a younger age and to belie their years is something every teenager wants to do nowadays. It is something so sinister in fact that people really ...