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How to Create an Effective Domestic Violence Victim's Safety Plan

Begin planning for your safety now if you are in a violent relationship and know that if you are staying, the violence will get worse. While safety plans for victims of domestic violence do not ensure safety, a good plan can help keep you safe while you are staying and increase your safety when you

10 Signs of a Cheating Mate

An unfaithful partner can break your heart.coeur bris?? image by Nath Photos from Fotolia.comEvery relationship has its ups and downs and there are many things that can affect your partner's behavior like money pressures or heavy work schedules. Sometimes, however, sudden irrational...

Can My Payroll Be Garnished if I Walk Away From My Home?

When you walk away from your home and stop making mortgage payments, your home will likely go through foreclosure proceedings. Whether or not your wages will ultimately be garnished as a result depends on the state in which you live, how your home was foreclosed and whether or not your lender was ab

How to Save a Relationship - Avoiding "Premature Reconciliation"

You are feeling a kind of disconnect due to the break-up you had with your ex and you're sitting there wondering how to save a relationship. You're wondering what you did or didn't do to cause this break-up. This may not be a result of you... it might be your ex!

Getting Back Together With Your Ex Love

I know something about you: right now all you can think of is getting back together with your ex love. You can't eat, you can't sleep... all you want is your love back in your arms... am I close?

False Repentance

When push comes to shove, and an abuse victim has finally had her fill, the confrontation with her abuser will almost certainly set in motion a new set of somewhat predictable responses. It is a crucial moment for her, because denial has finally given way to determination, and though confusion typic

Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back Message Boards - Are There Rules You Need to Follow?

Breakups are sometimes inevitable parts of relationships. However, it is always possible to win your ex boyfriend back eventually - remember that. Unfortunately, it can be so hard for some girls to keep their emotions inside while trying to win their ex boyfriends back that they end up ruining their