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How to Edit a Dual Boot Screen at XP Startup

If you are running a computer with two operating systems on it, you are likely presented with a dual boot screen when you start your computer. You can choose what operating system to boot into at this screen. If you are using the Windows XP boot screen, the file that controls the boot screen is call

Firewalls for a Slow Processor

A firewall is a computer program that blocks unwanted incoming traffic from the Internet. Some of this traffic could cause security issues with your computer and place your data at risk of exposure to viruses and hackers. If you are running a computer with an older, slow processor, running an extra

How to Change Startup Menu for Windows XP

The Windows XP Startup menu includes all of the applications and utilities that launch when your operating system starts. You can customize the startup menu to remove items for faster load times or add applications that you want to load automatically. There is no need to hire a service technician to

How to Obtain Licenses for Windows Vista Business

If you have a lot of computers in your organization or business then you may find it more cost-effective to purchase business licenses for the operating system and software. Business licenses authorize the installation of software across multiple computers, unlike home editions which are limited to

How to Reinstall Windows XP on Dell Dimension 8200

Sometimes Microsoft operating systems don't work right, no matter how many patches and updates you download. When this happens and your computer runs slower and slower, the only thing you can do to correct the problem is to reinstall the operating system. If you have a Dell Dimension 8200 reinstalli

How to Get a Toon Link in GMOD

"Garry's Mod," called "GMOD" for short, is a toolset used to modify and experiment with games that run on the "Source" engine by Valve. As long as you have at least one Source game installed, you will be able to use the objects, characters and items from that game in GMOD. You are also able to add e

How to Add a Mac-Style Dock to Windows XP

Many Microsoft Windows XP users have longed for the functionality and simplicity of the Apple Macintosh, or Mac, OS X dock, which is a desktop program launching pad somewhat similar to Windows XP's "Start" menu. If you use Windows XP and want a Mac-style dock, you do not have to purchase a new compu

How to Make XP Smaller

The Windows XP operating system occupies a significant amount of space on a hard drive. Make XP smaller by distilling down the needed files and discarding those that aren’t. The smaller, more compact version of the Windows XP installation will be burned onto a CD that can be used to install Wi

How to Remove Windows Genuine Programs

Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage programs help you determine whether your copy of Windows is genuine. If you get pop-ups from Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications and wish to stop them from appearing, one options is to remove the program.

How to Mount a DMG in Windows

DMG is a Macintosh-exclusive disk image format. DMG files mount as a drive on a Macintosh, but there are no programs available to perform the same action on Windows because DMG files use the Apple HFS+ file system, which Windows cannot read. However, that does not mean DMG files are completely inacc

How to Create Virtual Memory

Random access memory (RAM) on a computer temporarily holds data so that it can be accessed quicker. When multiple applications are being run, the RAM is used to run the applications simultaneous. If your computer is low on RAM, it will use part of the hard drive to temporarily hold some of that data

How to Track a New IP for a Subdomain

An Internet Protocol address refers to the host address of your computer system on the Internet. IP version 4 addresses are commonly used to identify a host name, which can be established with the use of the "Ping" computer network administration utility in a Command Prompt. In the Domain Name Syste

How to Add Volume Control to the Task Bar Icon in Vista

By default, the volume control icon is located in your Microsoft Vista system tray. The volume control icon allows you manage your computer's volume quickly, without having to open the sound controls in your computer's Control Panel. If the volume control icon does not appear in your computer's syst

How to Reformat a Dell Without a Disk

Most computer manufacturers, Dell included, no longer provide disks with the original operating system with their computers. Instead, Dell has designed a computer reformat and recovery tool called the Dell PC Restore for Windows operating systems XP, Vista and Windows 7. This utility is pre-installe

How to Boot From an Install Disk

An install disk is a type of CD or DVD that is used to install a piece of software like an operating system or program onto your computer. If the disk is bootable, all you have to do is have the disk in your computer's appropriate drive during the start up process and your machine will automatically

How to Fix Limited or No Connection With an Acer IPN2220 WLAN Card in XP

The Acer IPN2220 Wireless LAN card enables you to connect to wireless networks within range from your notebook computer in your Windows XP operating system. Problems with the connectivity of your Acer IPN2220 card indicate a system problem with the device driver. Reinstall the driver file in order t

What Is Windows XP Professional Corporate?

Windows XP Professional is a Microsoft operating system intended for use in a business environment, such as a centrally administered corporation or educational organization, providing a stable platform for multiple computers. It can be used by businesses of any size or home users who want the extra

How to Make a Subdirectory

Subdirectories are folders within existing folders on a computer. All folders below your current folder are considered to be "subdirectories" because they are directories of files that exist farther down on the path. You can make a subdirectory from within Windows using the "New Folder" option. Alth

How to Find a File With an Unrecognized Line Ending Style

If you use Apache Subversion (SVN) to monitor and maintain your software product, you may occasionally get an “Unrecognized Line Ending Style” error message when you try to find a file. It includes the official error ID “SVN_ERR_IO_UNKNOWN_EOL.” This is a documented program b

Windows Screensaver Registry Options

Screen savers are typically used for entertainment or security on contemporary monitors.layers image by Dave from Fotolia.comScreen savers were originally designed to prevent burning of a constant image in CRT or plasma computer monitors. LCD monitors do not suffer from burn-in, so screen...