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How to Boost Naive Bayes

Naive Bayes is a machine learning algorithm that produces a classifying function that allows researchers to categorize new pieces of data according to the variables chosen by the algorithm. Naive Bayes is special in that it assumes all of the variables included in the classification function are ind

How to Restore Windows98 Backup to Vista

Windows Vista can be restored over your Windows 98 backup by performing a clean installation of Vista. The Windows 98 backup is often the operating system that your computer reverts to after uninstalling a newer version of Windows such as Vista. Since Vista is completely removed when reverting to a

How to Enable an Ambient Light Sensor on a Laptop

A variety of laptops have built in light sensors that actively detect the levels of light around the screen. Based on these levels, the laptop screen brightness will increase or decrease automatically. Some higher end laptops also include backlit keyboards that adjust their brightness based on ambie

Xerox Phaser Color Laser 7400 Printer - A Powerful and Fast Color Printer

The Xerox Phaser Color Laser 7400 printer is very fast - whether it prints black and white, color documents, or even when it prints at high speeds. With speeds of up to 40 monochrome pages per minute and up to 36 pages per minute when printing colored, its first page will be out and ready in just 12

How to Change a Picture on the Screen

Each user account on a Windows computer has a profile picture associated with it. This picture is displayed on the welcome screen as you log in to your account and also on the "Start" menu. This picture is customizable and can be changed to any picture that is saved on the computer. If you do not li

How to Encrypt a Dual Drive Laptop

Encrypting your computer is a good idea if you have sensitive information on it or if you want to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. An encrypted computer is accessible only by password. If you have a laptop that has two hard drives, you can encrypt both of them and

How to Remove Windows Administrator Password

The administrator account is an internal Windows profile with elevated privileges. The privileges allow you to change any setting on the machine, including the administrator's password. A blank administrator password allows you to access the machine without any password requirement. This is benefici

The Mac Computer - A New Kid On The Block!

The field of computers has grown by leaps and bounds. The processing speeds and capacities, the storage space and the storage formats, graphic cards etc have all seen a phenomenal advancement. And given that there are a plethora of manufacturers trying to outsell each other, it is possible to find a

How to Restore a DLL Library

Occasionally, when uninstalling software, moving files or just generally messing around in the Windows filesystem, something breaks. Usually this results in a "DLL not found" error--a message a program sends to you when it can't find a certain dynamic linked library. Fortunately, most such DLL files

How to Use a Pen Tablet to Overlay

A pen tablet is a peripheral computer device that allows for fine control over the mouse cursor. Pen tablets are typically used when working in a graphics program. The active drawing area of the tablet is linked to the display, so that when the pen is used on an area of the tablet, a similar action

How to Check Computer Temperature in the BIOS

If you've ever used a laptop computer on your lap or touched the side of a desktop computer's case after running an intense program like a computer game, you have probably noticed that computers generate heat as they run. The hotter a computer runs, the more likely it is that physical components of

How Do I Delete and Clean Up My Computer History?

Deleting and cleaning up your computer history will help your computer run faster and protect your privacy. A clean computer history will keep friends or relatives from logging onto your computer and seeing the Internet sites you visit. To get your computer running at peak performance, clean it in t

How a PC Card Helps Communication

A PC Card is a peripheral card to expand the functionality of your computer. Following various standards and evolving in functionality over the years, PC Cards can make communicating to others through your computer easier.

How to Change Empty Ink Cartridges for Your Printer

Changing an ink cartridge may seem an easy task but some people without confidence using computers or technology can find it stressful. Take a moment to read this simple guide and we will try and help you complete it worry free.

Disadvantages of a Supercomputer

Even if your organization has researched the benefits and advantages of using a supercomputer to tackle tough and complicated problems, you will find that supercomputers also present some disadvantages. The larger and more powerful the supercomputer is, the more infrastructure and maintenance it req

How on Earth am I Going to Sell my Laptop?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to consider parting with your laptop, but that isn't usually the question that is running through most peoples' minds. Often times, the question that may actually be ...

How to Configure a Printer Tray

If your printer contains multiple printing trays, then you can choose which tray to process a print job from when you send it from your computer. Configuring a printer tray works on both PC and Mac computers, but the option will only appear if your printer supports multiple trays. Printers with mult

Tips to Choose the Right Scanner for Home

In a digitally connected world, scanners are fast becoming an integral part of our daily life. With computers and printers already gaining strong foothold in our home environment, scanner is the next €must gadget' to ...

How to Make a Memory Tabs

If you use Internet Explorer, you may have noticed small tabs toward the top of the screen for popular websites. These are memory tabs that give you quick access to the sites without typing in the URL in the search bar. However, these may be sites that you rarely visit so the tabs are, essentially,