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Deducting the Cost of Finding a New Job

It has been said that looking for a new job is a full-time job, in and of itself. For anyone who has found themselves in that position, the process of finding employment can be stressful enough. If you are one of the more than 14 million people who were unemployed in 2009 the time and energy you spe

Who Needs to File an Estate Tax Return?

Along with filing tax returns and paying taxes on income while alive, estate taxes may also be required to be filed and paid upon the death of a decedent. An estate tax is a tax that must be paid to the Internal Revenue Service for the decedent's right to transfer property owned by her at the time o

How to Cash Old Federal Income Tax Checks

The income tax refund check your received is valid for one year after the date it was issued. This doesn't mean that you are no longer entitled to that refund. If you found an old tax refund check that you forgot to cash, don't throw it away. The Internal Revenue Service can send you a new one. Gett

Use Your Tax Stimulus Check to Stimulate Your Life

Oftentimes, we hope and pray for an opportunity to change our lives. But we miss them, because when they come, they're not packaged like we think a grand opportunity should be, so we overlook them.

Does the Use of the Unlimited Marital Deduction Help to Reduce Estate Tax?

The Unlimited Marital Deduction does allow you to reduce estate tax when the first spouse dies. However, if you use the marital deduction on its own without capitalizing on other tax benefits, you're just delaying the tax levy. To truly minimize your estate tax through the estate tax, you must combi

What Is Head of Household Status?

The Internal Revenue Service provides several statutes for tax classification purposes. If you qualify as head of household, you may file under this status and decrease your tax responsibility.

Cost Segregation Depreciation Helps Your Business Cash Flow

Cost segregation depreciation is a great way to lessen the amount of taxes you pay on your business. If you can gain some tax relief each year you will be able to have some extra money that you can use for your business, or even other adventures. The taxes you pay for a business can be very stifling

Tax Incentives for Home Purchases

The tax code encourages home ownership.Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesFor many years the government has encouraged home ownership, and one of the ways it has done that is with tax incentives. If you are currently renting a home or apartment, you owe it to yourself to explore...

New Income-Tax Return - Form Number 2F

With a view to make return filing easier, the Central Government of India has notified on 1st June, 2006 a new income-tax return form "Form 2F" for Assessment Year 2006-07.This Form has been designed in a manner so that it is easy to understand and can be filled up with little or no help.

Can You Get Investment Loss Back Taxes?

As an investor, you are likely to explore stock market investments with the hopes of building towards retirement funding, tuition costs and improved living standards. These dreams, however, may be derailed by investment losses. To ease the burden of investments that fail to perform, the Internal Rev

How to End Your IRS Tax Debts

IRS tax relief is available to anyone who has an unsettled tax debt. Most people in a serious tax debt situation would think that they are stuck without any other choice.

Lien Holder Information

A lien is an unpaid financial obligation that allows the lien holder limited rights to several types of personal property. In some cases a lien holder can take personal property as collateral payment for the lien.

If You Did Your Taxes and Got Rejected, Can You File Again?

Although taxpayers do not typically experience a rejection of tax returns, it does happen. After a taxpayer submits his tax paperwork, the IRS carefully reviews each case before issuing refunds or sending out bills. During this time, representatives compare the tax information with what is on file.

VAT Audits of Evasion Cases in Albania

VAT evasion is a heading that covers a whole range of different types of fraud. The most well-known of them are so-called "under reported" sales. This means that sales made are not reported to the tax authorities and in some cases no VAT is charged. The greatest challenge, however, are orc