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Automotive Sandblasting Techniques

Although it is still possible to blast with sand, the term "sandblasting" is most commonly used as a generic term to describe media blasting is general. Prior to media blasting, paint and rust had to be removed with either sandpaper or chemicals. Both methods were quit tedious. Media blasting allowe

How to Troubleshoot a Harley

Harley-Davidson was founded by Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson in 1903 when they developed a one-cylinder motorcycle. They expanded to 20 employees within three years and started making multi-cylinder motorcycles. The famous Harley-Davidson logo was born in 1910 and the company has since beco

How to Select the Proper Engine Oil Weight for Your Temperature Range

Critical to the long life and general maintenance of your car is selecting the proper oil weight for the engine and for the climate around your home. If the oil is too heavy, it won't run in the winter cold. If the oil is too light, it won't work in the summer heat. Visiting an auto parts store and

How to Adjust Roadster Headlights

Roadsters sit very low to the ground and need proper headlight adjustment to reflect this fact. If your headlights are adjusted too high, you could blind oncoming traffic. However, it's easy to misalign a roadster's headlights too low and dramatically decrease visibility. While the exact procedure f

How to Change Transmission Fluid in a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan has an automatic transmission that allows the vehicle to shift from gear to gear without the need for the driver to shift the gears manually. The transmission operates using hydraulic fluid that breaks down over a predictable amount of time. The Caravan's service manual indic

What Is Exhaust Gas Recirculation?

The future of exhaust gas recirculation is under close scrutiny by many, including the automotive industry. While this is an important topic that can affect us globally, most consumers don't know what exhaust gas recirculation even means. A closer look at how this system works will provide insight

How to Use Different Weight Oil in a Car

In order to extend the life of a vehicle, oil changes every 3,000 to 6,000 miles are recommended. When changing your vehicle's oil, you may have questions about what weight oil you should use or wonder whether it will harm your vehicle to change the weight of oil used. It's OK to change the weight o

How to Unplug a Tail Light Assembly on a 2003 Chrysler Voyager

A cracked or damaged taillight assembly on your 2003 Chrysler Voyager can cause an electrical short in your lights if water seeps into the assembly through the cracks. When you notice damage to your taillight assembly, you should replace it right away to protect your lights and the van's electrical

How to Make a Motor Home Stop Better

Motor homes are very heavy and carry a variety of moving cargo such as motorcycles, ATVs, water, appliances and humans. It is essential that they have good brakes. Unfortunately, it takes more than brakes to help these vehicles stop quickly and safely. By changing the physical movement of your motor

Car Painting for Beginners

Painting a car at home can be difficult. All the chrome and windows have to be either removed or taped off. The appropriate supplies must be procured and a clean area has to be devised. If you are new to painting with a spray gun, it may be advisable to practice on either old scrap parts or another

Signs of a Bad Timing Belt

Timing belts are designed to keep engines in sync by regulating valve function. All components must be in precise synchronization for the engine to function properly. Timing belts are made of rubber and are reinforced with fiber cords; although durable, they do not last as long as timing chains. Veh

How to Test an Air Intake Temperature Sensor

Proper functioning of you car's air intake temperature sensor can help you avoid costly repairs to your engine and other components. Sensors are simple to test at home to ensure they are working correctly.

Common Carburetor Vacuum Leakpoints

The carburetor can leak from a number of vacumm sources.engine with air cooling image by terex from Fotolia.comThe carburetor acts like a mixing bowl for air and fuel, which it sends down into the intake manifold for combustion in the cylinders. The amount of air that passes through the...

How to Build a Chevy Engine

This article is directed toward the individual with a basic mechanical knowledge and will provide the most important information and steps to the successful rebuilding of a Chevy engine. Following these steps will result in an engine that is as good or better than the original.

Volvo 850 Maintenance Tips

Introduced in 1993, the Volvo 850 has proven to be a safe, sporty vehicle. Packed with standard features including side impact bars in all doors, dual airbags and an anti-lock braking system, the 850 was Volvo's first model to feature a 5-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. A few simple maintenan

When to Replace Car Interior Carpet

You need to consider replacing the car interior carpet of your automobile if it is old or has been neglected. Yes you can clean the upholstery but a time comes when no amount of elbow grease are going to get those stains out. Your vehicle may smell a bit as well. If it does it is definitely the time

Repair a Soft Roof Convertible Car - How to Do It?

You can save money if you repair a soft roof yourself. If you read this article, you probably own a convertible and are aware that soft roofs can be quite fragile. They can get ripped by the weather conditions or even vandals. Your first instinct will be to take your car to a professional, but the r

How to Remove a Jeep Cherokee Power Steering Pulley

The power steering pump pulley on a Jeep Cherokee has a tapered center hole, which is pressed on the power steering pump input shaft. The tool for extracting the pulley is too large to fit on the end of the pulley while the power steering pump is installed in the vehicle. The power steering pump sho