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How to Make a Pair of Moccasins

These moccasins are very comfortable and can be made from a variety of garment-weight leathers. Once you have worn them a few times, a sole will be formed at the bottom of the shoe.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Crafts for Kids

When a child loses his or her baby teeth, it is a common practice to put the tooth under the child's pillow for the Tooth Fairy and exchange the tooth for some money. This makes creating a pillow with a pocket designed specifically for holding lost teeth especially appealing. Your child may enjoy pa

How to Stick Paper to Poster Board

Poster board is a versatile heavy paper that is used in many school and business projects, not to mention home crafting projects. Heavier than regular paper, poster board can be cut to size or can be purchased in a wide array of larger sizes. Sticking paper to poster board is an easy task and can be

How to Inlay Leather for Jewelry

The technique of inlaying leather has been used for centuries to bind books, decorate clothing and furniture and embellish jewelry. Leather is cut and layered to create levels of color and design. You can make jewelry from inlaid leather with leather scraps since you do not need much. Check with a l

Homemade Christmas Cards Using Cricut

Sending Christmas cards is a simple way to let loved ones know you are are thinking about them and wishing them well this holiday season. Make your own Christmas cards using the Cricut, a personal die cutting machine, to make the cards you send extra personal.

Gem Stone Identification

Gemologists are able to identify gems such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires to find out if a stone is genuine or synthetic. Identifying gems involves observing and testing them for their individual characteristics and chemical properties. There are a variety of methods that make gemstone identifica

Wine Cork Wreath Directions

As many wine aficionados know, enjoying a good wine is more than a pleasant taste experience, it's often a treasured memory in the making. Those who like to keep track of the wines they've sampled by collecting and saving the corks may find themselves in need of a project that utilizes their collec

How to Fix Uneven Edges in Crochet

Uneven edges in crochet usually result from faulty technique, whether the application of uneven tension or the misreading of a pattern. However, because going back to redo a particular section would require you to unravel hours of work, you may want to try a less invasive means of correction. While

How to Do a Brioche Stitch

The brioche stitch is actually a combination of stitches, forming a ribbed pattern in knitting through a specific repetition of stitches. The brioche stitch is a somewhat advanced knitting pattern. You should be comfortable with all of the basic knitting techniques before attempting it. Once you mas

How to Make Envelopes for Kids

Kids love sending and receiving mail the old fashioned way. Introducing them to the art of making their own paper envelopes will only add an additional layer of creative fun to a postal craft project. Kids can easily craft and decorate their own paper envelopes with a few simple folds and be sending

Instructions for Knitting Hand Towels

Some knitters don't knit sweaters because they are too busy knitting socks, hats, gloves, and scarves. But knitters are not limited to garments. Household items like tea cozies, hot water bottle covers and string bags are also popular. And some knitters use flat items like dishcloths, afghans, and r

How to Make a Face With a Balloon

Creating shapes, faces and animals out of balloons is a great party trick for a kid's birthday party, circus or street fair. A face can be created out of a balloon by doing a series of twists and bubbles that form the features of the face. Use a flesh-colored balloon to make the balloon face more ea

How to Make a Hanging Pocket for an Old Quilt

Antique quilts can make stunning wall art when hung correctly. The careful patchwork quilting of old quilts, which was most often accomplished by hand stitching, can be celebrated as an example of a fine craft. The quilts are frequently fragile and require special care. A hanging pocket, also known

How to Crochet Spider Web Fingerless Gloves

Crocheting fingerless gloves does not need to be time-consuming or complicated. By using basic crochet techniques and finding the yarn that suits your needs, you are on your way to creating a customized pair. Here is a simple way to create beautiful fingerless gloves using a spiderweb pattern techni

Crafts With Soap Bars

A simple bar of soap can be transformed into a functional craft or used to make dazzling works of art with minimal tools and time. Soap bar crafts can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from the very young to the very old, and make great gifts for any occasion. It is easy to personalize...

Cheats for How to Kill the Most in a Fire Team in "Combat Arms"

Combat Arms is a first-person shooter game developed by Nexon. Fireteam, the player-versus-computer format of the game, pits eight players against computer-controlled enemies through five stages of combat. Players are awarded with EXP and GP (in game currency) based on performance, so it is essentia

How to Make a Kid's Wrist Corsage

Kids' high energy levels and limited attention spans mean a short life for any fresh-cut flowers. Luckily, you can DIY your own silk or eyelet flower corsages in just a few minutes. By using the right materials, the corsages will stay securely attached to your kids' wrists and still look fresh at th

Using Digital Images for Arts and Crafts Projects

As an avid arts and crafts fan with over 20 years experience, I am always looking for new and exciting ideas for my rubber stamping, scapbooking, card making, and my other crafting projects. I was ...