Joy - The Goal of Good Discernment

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The key sign for knowing when your discernment is over is joy, an abiding peace of heart, the feeling that you have come home, like you've found what you were made for.
That fulfillment, that happiness, that sense of freedom, that is what God is longing to give you.
He wants you to just flow, to take a bite out of life, to be juiced.
He wants you to have a heart filled with gratitude.
God your Father wants you to nail this whole life thing.
He wants you to be glorious, to be fully alive, and He's going to do everything in his power to make that happen, to see you through to the end.
He doesn't want you to have to die to experience that joy; He wants to give it to you right now.
And that's why He's waiting for you to open up, so that He can show you His will for your life.
Anyone can experience joy and bliss for a moment.
Living your vocation is more than that.
It's not just gaining momentary pleasure but living a life of meaning.
Every human being, whether they know it or not or like it or not, is made for love.
Our hearts are restless, our lives make no sense, until you discover love.
That's when your heart is satisfied.
At the same time to make sure that this love never goes away, never leaves us, there are two spiritual needs you must tend to every day.
The first is you must grow.
If a plant doesn't grow, what happens? It dies, right? You must grow every day.
You must learn something new, experiment, take on a new challenge, stretch yourself to a place you've never been before.
You must consistently and consciously improve some aspect or dimension of your life according to the will of God for you.
Still it's not enough just to grow.
If you don't grow you die, but if you don't contribute to the greater good, ultimately you'll feel like garbage.
Plants don't just grow.
A plant, to fulfill it's God-given mission, bears fruit.
You too must give beyond yourself because that is what God made you for.
That's not an optional.
It's a must.
It's the other half of what gives you juice and makes life worth living.
So with that I wish you an awesome adventure both in your inner world as you get to know yourself better and better every day, and in your outer world where you are invited to live out God's dream for you...
God bless.
Live from your heart.
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