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You know all about Two-way linking, reciprocal linking or return linking. You exchange links. This is a very common phenomenon and is often a win-win situation where you market each other. When it comes to linking I recon that an ordinary web site got 80 percent Two-way linkings of all incoming links. The rest, 20 percent are One-way links (also called inbound links). One-way links involves only one link; one link to your web site from another web site and no return link. One-way links are viewed to carry a higher weight and importance for the search engines (E.g. Google is giving you a higher ranking and a better listing in their index). Why? Getting One-way links are (more) difficult, or more expensive. If you want people to link to you without you linking to them, you have to offer something of value that people will post on their web sites. This can be great content, tools, informative articles, an affiliate program and so on. Listing in Web directories is another way of getting One-way links. There are many Web directories that have a free submission option without requesting a link back.

Another form of linking is Three-way links. I say it's fraudulent. Why? It is hurting search engines Page Ranking system. Three-way links looks like One-way links, but it is actually a "well planned" (and stupid) trade of links. One webmaster is mastering two web sites and is giving a One-way link to a second webmaster's web site which contains a One-way link to the first webmaster's second web site. These web sites are not having great content, tools, informative articles, an affiliate program or what so ever. They are cheating the system and their web sites are believed to be banned and removed from search engines index when detected. Stay away!

Stay also away from automated link exchange services, where you get thousands of links to your site over a night. I say it's fraudulent. Why? Again, it is hurting search engines Page Ranking system. No web site is good enough, to be world-wide known over a night. Too fast link acquisition is viewed as artificial. Your site's listing, such as having same anchor text, is repeated on too many web sites. Your site is immediately devalued as it is easily detected by the search engines.

Though, there are many good link exchange services on the web that are not automated. Well, they are somewhat automated but not as they are giving you thousands of links to your site over a night. Many tedious manual link exchange tasks have been automated for you. Finding partners, request and reply sending emails, link code generator, reciprocal link checker, etc.

The number 1 reason of trading links through such a service is to drive real traffic to your site. Real webmasters will visit your site, deciding whether or not they want to exchange links with you. If you trade links, you're probably book marked and are hopefully receiving visitors from your partner's web site. You get Two-way links. When it comes to link popularity and search engines Page Ranking system, make sure you edit your anchor text as often as you can. You don't want that text repeated on too many web sites. There are no secure search engine friendly systems where you don't have to lift a finger.

So, building link partnerships drives more traffic to your site. But only if your partners are linking to you. Some link exchange services are checking continuously linking between partners who are trading links through their sites. But, you also need to check continuously linking from partners partnered up somewhere else. If you "only" have ten partners, you can revisit their web page where they link you every now and then. But if you have hundreds? Most webmasters do have hundreds of links to their site from partners, partnered up in several different ways.

Due to the huge amount of non honest webmasters that remove the link to your site after you have added their sites, Surfwebtips has set up a hosted remotely service that is checking continuously linking from ALL your link partners. You add your partners to your web Link Exchange Account and your partners linking to you are automatically checked once a week. If you have specified your partners email addresses an email are sent letting them know that you are dropping their listing from your site if they don't put up a link to you again. You are notified if they remain partners or not. You see all your partners' link status from your account and you are given a Link Status Report, sent to your email inbox every week.

You add your partners from your account or from your own web site. We have prepared a script for you that are submitting your partners to your account when they are requesting a link exchange with you on your site.

Enjoy our Link Exchange services! Best regards,
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