How do I Design Studio Furniture?

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    • 1). Decide on the style of furniture you want to design your furniture in. Research furniture styles to determine whether you want a minimalistic, traditional, old-world style or modern look to the design.

    • 2). Study the work of famous furniture designers work like Gerrit Rietveld, Alvar Aalto or Michael Thonet. Review history of furniture books. Go to furniture stores and look at modern designer's furniture. Take pictures of studio furniture you like.

    • 3). Visit fabric stores and look at fabric swatches that may go with your furniture design. Purchase fabric swatches for furniture designs that use upholstery and staple the swatch to your printed design.

    • 4). Draw out your designs based on the information you have put together. Use markers to fill in suggested colors.

    • 5). Download furniture design softwarelike SketchList 3D, InteriCad Light or CadPro to help you create your furniture designs (see Resource.) Refer to standard dimensions for furniture design measurements. Some of these programs have an easier drawing interface than others along with scanning and recording features, which means you can scan hand-drawn sketches and then have the computer make a computer rendering of it. Record ideas or instructions along with your design and save them to a memory stick. Print out your final design and clip or staple any additional material the design will need.

    • 6). Take your final design file and printed version to the carpenter, upholsterer or metal worker depending on the material you decide to make the studio furniture out of.

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