How to Leave a Lasting Impression on a Guy? 7 Keys Which Will Show You How It"s Done Properly

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You'll be interested in leaving a lasting impression on a guy only if you are doubly interested in him.
You have been out with him because you liked him but sometimes the first outing can be the last outing.
It is only because you have fancied him that you'd like to leave a lasting impression on him.
Let him know you enjoyed the evening A guy is uncertain whether a girl would like to go out the next time even though she has been out the first time.
So he will depend on your reactions and indications.
Let him know that you like him and enjoyed the evening and his company.
Tell him you enjoyed the evening It is important for him to know that you have enjoyed the evening and also enjoyed being with him.
How you thank him for the evening will make that lasting impression on him.
The next time he will be able to ask you out with more confidence hereafter.
You are his kind of girl How you have impressed him as a person is equally important.
He must feel that you are the kind of girl he would like in his life and be seen around with.
So you should, as a person, have left a lasting impression on him that he wants to keep meeting you.
Your behavior and mannerisms Are you the prim and proper girl that he wants in a girlfriend or are you too shy and timid for his liking? May be that you are too frivolous and thoughtless for his liking.
You have to know the kind of person he is and the qualities that he looks for in a girl.
Understanding and thoughtful Most guys like thoughtful and understanding girls.
But if you cannot show any consideration and understanding when he needs it most, then it may not be possible for you to leave a lasting impression on him.
You need to develop these qualities.
Care and concern Care and concern are some of the other things that a guy likes.
They like to be pampered and indulged, and even be spoilt by their girls to some extent.
So when he sees this side of your personality it will leave a lasting impression on him.
Cook his favorite dish One of the many ways to spoil and pamper a guy is by cooking one of his favorite dishes.
You could call him over for a meal sometime in reciprocation to all the times he's taken you out and see how he loves you for it.
You couldn't leave a more lasting impression than this.
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