Dog + Google = FREEDOM

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Did you know the fourth most typed in keyword on Google is "dog"? You might ask, as I did six months ago, what the heck is a keyword...
? And how could that little obscure fact possibly matter to me? Well let me start at the beginning.
I worked in retail, a little dress shop in my hometown earning barely more than minimum wage...
and if any of you have ever worked retail, then I needn't add anything further to describe the utter misery...
you know.
My boss was a nightmare who was the continual direct cause of our always running short-handed.
I mean who needs a boss that treats you like the latest sludge -- and all for minimum wage? So our help would always move on to McDonalds, and the few of us who had long since weathered the boss's insults, were left alone to face overtime and the Christmas rush.
It is here my story really begins.
I wanted out -- and I wanted out badly.
But I DIDN'Twant McDonalds.
What I wanted...
was my own online business.
Being a web surfer myself, I knew where the money was.
It was on the World Wide Web.
I thought, if only I had a product.
Gotta have a product right? And I barely knew how to send an email.
I'd need to be computer savvy and know something about HTML to design a professional site right? Impossible I thought.
So I started working the eBay scene,sold a few antiques, but sold them too cheap.
I looked into drop shipping,the prices were not at all competitive enough.
My business savvy brother-in-law hooked me up with a guy from China who immediately ripped me off with some phoney cameras I had hoped to make good on Ebay.
I even tried my hand at being a political cartoonist with a 2-frame comic strip I created called Schnooks & Levi.
But the political scene moves so quickly,by the time any syndicate received my satires, they were obsolete.
Lost money on yet another tele-marketing scheme.
How did I ever believe I could be an obnoxious-in-your-face-force-feed-a-sale-down-your-throat salesperson?And there were a few other get-rich-quick scams I can't even remember now.
I was skimmed and scammed by almost every two bit flim-flam around.
And you're thinking...
geez what were you thinking? Well I can answer that.
I wasn't exactly thinking...
I was desperate.
Because you see at the same time, the business at my husband's job of ten years had fallen off to nothing and our dream home we had built was going into foreclosure.
We had no assets, only dark clouds up ahead.
We were terrified.
And so, in the midst of this perfect storm, what did I do?I quit my dead-end retail job.
Say what?Yeah, that's what I did...
I quit my job.
I decided it was going to be all or nothing.
I would set about to finding, and that with no distractions, the key to a lasting success.
As I said, I looked into everything, and was scammed by everyone and everything -- that is until late one particular night.
It was about 1 a.
,and there I was again, at the computer...
searching - searching - searching.
I had just finished reading another get-rich-quick guru's plan, that the only person who gets rich quick, or gets rich period, is the guru himself, who just happened to be born with the gift of gab.
I was now seasoned to all the different traps.
And as my tired brain scanned the endless pages of business opportunities,bitterness and cynicism filling my whole being,my eyes fell upon an attractive little ad.
It showed a man and a dog walking down a Tuscany-like tree encumbered lane with the words...
"We wanted to start a web business..
What we ended up with was a life...
" I stared at it with sleepy eyes and thought -- yeah, yeah,another get-rich-quick.
But oh well, I clicked on it anyway.
And as I read the pitch, it was like nothing I had heard yet...
and I had heard it all! As I kept reading, light bulbs started turning on.
My cynicism was turning into HOPE...
something I had lost track of some months back.
This was my introduction to SBI, or Site Build It!and the more I read, the more excited I became.
SBI could show me everything I needed to know about building a website, but not just a site that would drift aimlessly among the millions of other sites on the web, but a website that would be the success I so needed it to be.
SBI offered pages and pages of websites that were created by people like me whose sites had achieved positions in the top 1% on the Web.
Do you have any idea how difficult that is to achieve?But there they were with their home pages shining as stark evidence that could be easily researched.
And I did.
I was down to my last credit card.
I couldn't afford to make another mistake...
So I emailed many of these SBIers with sites as diverse in content as juggling is to cat art.
Each one was quick to reply to my queries and seemed always eager to praise SBI for their success.
And these people HAVE attained success, and their enthusiasm was infectious!This was no jive.
This was what I was looking for.
What happened next?I signed on.
But what about not having a product to sell? And what about not being computer savvy? Well, I had become enlightened by SBI.
I didn't need a product...
just a passion.
And my passion happened to be Jack Russell Terriers.
And you ask,how in the world can you make money with a website about dogs? You become what I now am professionally -- an infopreneur.
An info what? It is a person that creates a website that gives all the information it possibly can about any subject.
It's what the Web is all about -- information.
And once you build a site paying a great service to fellow dog lovers around the whole world looking for sites that feed their like-passions for Jack Russells, the ways to monetize are endless.
With the universal frenzy that exists for pets,these visitors will be looking for all kinds of products that can be easily obtained and advertised on your site, whether it be through your free affiliation with Amazon.
com,or an affiliation with aspecialized site that deals, say in Global Pet Finder Collars.
Google AdSense is also a perfect monetizing model for the infopreneur.
In other words, you own and operate a venue that makes it possible to offer any product that will answer the need of the visitor.
Today I have a very successful website that is fun, lucrative, and makes me the owner and operator of my own little home business.
And for someone who barely knew how to send an email, I have become a rather savvy little webmaster..
and I love it! So this brings me to the title of this true story.
Six months ago, I was hanging dresses in a retail shop and I had no idea what I was going to do.
Now,because of SBI,and not a little hard work and a true passion for Jack Russell Terriers...
Dog + Google = FREEDOM!
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