How to Get Women to Like You - With a 99.7% Success Rate

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Who else wants to know how to get women to like them virtually EVERY SINGLE time? It really amazes me how most men view the dating scene.
They see it as some abyss that is full of the unknown.
Let me tell you something, that view says a lot about the men who hold it.
It says they are beta males.
In other words, these are the sub-dominant species in our society.
Whenever there is an alpha man in the proximity, these guys just roll over belly up.
Sounds pathetic, does it not? Well, it is.
And this is EXACTLY what YOU are if you view the dating scene as something to be afraid of.
If you really want to get women to like you - you need own yourself and your surroundings.
Instead of seeing dating as something scary and totally out of your control, see it as totally IN your control.
Do you see how this change of mindset can affect your confidence levels with women? The fact of the matter, no matter how "independent" the woman, is that women love to be whisked away into a man's world.
Not just any man's world, but one who is dominant and able to take her on a wild, fun experience.
So, here is the big secret to success with women...
Stop being so afraid of everything! A couple thousand years ago and your butt would have been eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger if you showed this weak mindset for a split second! Just take pride in yourself and exert control over your surroundings.
Stop reacting, and start creating.
The women will follow.
I promise you that.
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