Tips to generating endless FREE leads for your business

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Tired of feeling as though you are wasting your valuable time?
Well the truth behind Network Marketing or just Marketing in general is that is takes time. For some it comes easy and the pace is quick but for others, many others, it is a struggle. An endless task of generating just one lead for a days work can sometimes feel like a task. What I want to cover are some very basic, yet highly overlooked tips and strategies to get your primary business or opportunity off the ground.

The first thing I want to cover is that video marketing is becoming the new way to promote effectively, so if you are camera shy you may want to put that aside for the time being and decide whether or not your aversion to cameras is worth you losing money. Put enough videos out on YouTube or TubeMogul and you will find they are extremely search engine friendly. Though this strategy takes some time but believe me it is well worth the time put into it. One well put together video could mean a lot for your home business.

The next thing I want you to be aware of is what I am doing right now. Article Marketing, very very very effective, yet another time taking method but extremely search engine friendly and a quick way to get your expertise out for everyone to see and is actually my favorite way to get visitors to my website. Someone once told me that the best way to write an Article is to think of yourself as the reader and figure out what it is you want to read and be very creative enticing the reader to continue forth.

The final thing I would like to include in this Article would be another on of my favorites and thats Squidoo pages. Very fun and easy to use, also extremely search engine friendly. Though you cannot guarantee your first "Lens" will be ranked #1 within the community but enough practice and you will be sure to get some quality targeted visitors. Be sure to put a lot of valuable content within your Lens providing the reader with a easy-to-read experience.

One last bit. Try writing out a marketing plan or schedule for yourself to optimize your time. You would be surprised to see how much time can be saved in a day when you cut back on meaningless tasks via email checking, browsing the web ect.
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