One Of The Best Ways To Getting Rich Is To Invest In Self

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I think the greatest investment you can ever put your money into is in self; that is investment in yourself.
It is a very wise decision to investment in your financial education, because whether you like it or not, that is what separates the poor from the rich.
It is the information that you would gain from educating yourself in the financial department of your life that would lift you up from where you are right now, to where you want to be.
I mentioned financial education because it is very important, but there are countless other ways through which you can invest in yourself.
You could spend money to get a higher degree in your area of expertise that would take you higher in rank than your peers.
For example, if you spend a thousand dollars in taking a professional course, which, after the completion, increases your marketability, and takes you from earning, let's say, $100,000 yearly to $300,000 yearly; Isn't that a wise investment? The good part of this kind of investment is that you can hardly ever go wrong.
Unlike investing in capital market that might be a bit dicey, this type of investment can't go wrong.
And you would also have the knowledge for the rest of your life; it is not like an investment on a restaurant that can be washed away by a Flood in the future.
The more you invest in self, the less you would have to work for more money.
It is almost like your investment has bought you time.
That is why you see high professionals that can charge up to a thousand dollars for a service that might not take them more than an hour to deliver.
In that range of people you have high paid plastic surgeons; motivational speakers; professional sales men;highly paid anchor men, just to mention a few.
The logic behind this is to choose a field you want to master, might or might not be the field you are presently in, and educate yourself to the highest level, so that people start paying heavily for your services.
And it can be any field or profession; from being a professional copy writer; to a sports analyst, just make sure you gun for the top of the ladder in that profession and you would be on your way to riches.
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