Good High School Term Paper Topics

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    • The violence in society is everywhere and if this has captured your interest, you could write about that. However, you will want to make it more specific. You can focus on school violence, for example. If you also have an interest in children, you can combine the two and focus on child abuse. Look into what type of violent crimes take place the most in your community. Study the psychology of violent offenders.


    • This is another subject that can be broken down further. You can write a paper on how rock and roll music has evolved since the time of Elvis Presley. You can research and write about Ludwig von Beethoven. Write about different instruments people have used in history. You can focus on operatic training or the Philharmonic Orchestra. Another option is to write about messages in rap music.


    • Again, this is another one that can be broken down, especially with the amount of attention the environment gets. You can research different aspects of going "green" -- such as what can be done in your home to make it more environmentally sound, and how to reduce your carbon footprint. Another topic that would be relevant to the environmental area is the effect of oil refineries. If you want to take a more positive outlook, study environmental groups or write about ways the environment helps people, such as the healthy food it supplies.


    • This area is excellent if you love to read and write. No doubt, you have pondered over many books and this is a chance to put your ponderings on paper. You can research family feuds as they pertain to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." You can write about the impact the "Harry Potter" series of books has had on the amount of reading done by younger children. You can research how closely Hollywood follows books when movies are made. Some examples would include "Interview with the Vampire" and "Twilight."


    • This is another one that can be broken down. If illnesses capture your fancy, a variety exists about which you can write. Perhaps you want to focus on cancer. You can write about AIDS research. You can write about why the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes is still growing. Illness is not the only aspect you can write about. You can focus on lifestyle choices, such as the long-term effects of smoking cigarettes. Compare the benefits of the Atkins diet to the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

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