Three Search Engine Marketing Tools That Increase Traffic

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The number of tools used in search engine marketing seem to increase every day.
The good thing about this is that most of them are free.
The bad can be not knowing which ones are worth your time.
To this end, following are three free search marketing tools you can use that can help you see an almost immediate boost in traffic.
Google AdWords Keyword Tool Search engine marketing begins with keyword research.
You use keywords in your pay-per-click campaigns, your article marketing campaigns and in your social media campaigns.
Hence, knowing what prospects are typing in to look for your product or service is key.
Luckily, Google has made this simple.
Via their AdWords Keyword Tool, you can find out a plethora of information - everything from the number of global searches to the estimated average cost per click for a keyword phrase.
And, it's free! SEO Link Analysis Many companies spend a good portion of their search engine marketing dollars on getting backlinks.
This is because it's one metric search engines (SEs) use to determine how to rank a site.
The more (high quality) backlinks a site has, the higher SEs rank it.
SEO Link Analysis is a Firefox extension that gives you some in-depth information about a page.
For example, it will give you a URL's Page Rank (PR rank); anchor text used in links and it will also check to see if the link is "nofollow", or not.
This type of detailed information is critical if you want to, for example, analyze a site's inbound anchor text in order to determine what you need to do to get better results.
URLTrends Want to find out some key information about a particular URL quickly? This nifty search marketing tool allows you to do just that.
According to the site, URLTrends dot com, you can "view vital search engine information about any URL that you enter.
The Trend Report will allow you to see the URLs link popularity, PageRank?, Alexa Rank, keywords that you can find the site by and more
" Think of it as doing "quick and dirty" SEO research.
You can upgrade to a paid version to get more information about a URL.
However, you can run as many free reports on as many URLs as you want.
There are hundreds, if not a few thousand, search marketing tools you can use to increase traffic.
The key is to realize what they are and start to use them systematically so you can get results that much sooner.
And oh yeah, did we mention that a lot of them are free?
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