The Different Advantages in the Numis Network Compensation Plan

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The Numis network compensation plan lets coin collectors earn money in many ways.
There is the opportunity to sell silver and gold coins for a commission.
These type of coins are highly valued and sought after by collectors.
When you join, you may take advantage of their network marketing system.
It includes a binary program and an enroller system.
This gives you many different chances to make money.
Here are benefits to consider.
Commissions Earning sales commissions is simple and easy.
There is no need to take orders and process them.
You will not be shipping products to customers.
There is no inventory to take care of.
Build your website and direct customers to it.
That is all it takes.
Commissions are paid weekly.
If you wish, you can buy the coins and sell them direct.
This is a good way to realize instant profits.
Fast track You have the opportunity to earn a $100 USD/ $106 CDn bonus.
Every time you sell a special collector kit, you receive this special bonus.
The kit includes an attache case and a collectible silver coin.
It makes it easy to display and transport coin collections.
Buyers of the kit will have access to a training library.
They can watch videos and learn about the world of coin collecting.
They will also be able to join a silver coin of the month club.
Every month a collectible silver coin will be delivered to them.
Your customers will qualify for preferred customer prices, when they buy the kit.
Binary system This is a multi-level or network marketing plan.
However the binary system is more balanced.
It allows those at the top and the bottom to do well.
Everyone can only recruit two people.
Those people can only recruit two also, and so on.
The two people that you recruit are your right leg and left leg.
As the business builds, your right leg and left leg begin to grow.
You receive commissions on the people in your legs.
This helps to balance things out.
The people above you will build your business as you build yours.
You will help those below you build their business, also.
One person does not get the majority of earnings.
When you make money this way, you are known as a placement sponsor.
Enrolling new members Another way to make money in the system is by enrolling new members.
When you are an enroller, all you do is enroll members and introduce them to the system.
You can be an enroller and a placement sponsor, also.
There is no limit to the number of new members that you may enroll.
When they enroll new members, you are compensated for that, also.
This can go on down the line.
Summary There are many benefits to a network marketing system.
The Numis Network compensation plan offers much more than network marketing.
You may receive commission from personal sales of collectible coins.
There are special bonuses for selling a collection kit.
The network program contains a binary and an enrolling program.
The binary system helps to spread the wealth out among the entire organization.
The enrolling program lets you earn additional bonuses.
There are many ways to earn money in this system.
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