The Wealth Formula That Never Ever Fails, Yes That"s What I Said, "Never Ever Fails"

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I remember the answer so well, I will never forget, this is what she said, Never ever underestimate the value and the opportunity that you give to me, when you allow me to give to you.
Whoa now that got my attention, what in heavens name was I giving to her? She was giving to me, so what was this beautiful caring woman on about? She began to share, that the moment she acted upon the opportunity to give to others, she felt this incredible feeling of joy, a feeling of well being, that would flow from her heart and into her body.
Now you all know what she meant, we have all experienced that feeling, that good feeling inside, whenever we do something special or give something to someone else.
The Giver Is More Blessed than the Receiver.
So yes, we are blessed and even more so than the receiver of our gift, when ever we step out of our circle of concern and focus on the needs of others, we are blessed and with a greater sense of personal significance and that significance, is manifested in a higher self worth, self confidence and a greater sense of personal health and well being.
Can this principle be exercised for greater economic wealth? Absolutely, it is a crucial business principle, caring for your clients needs must be for-most, if we want to achieve business success, customer service is our care factor, the giving as in serving others including your customers is absolutely essential for business success.
The Wealth Formula that Never ever Fails Is to love, to care for others, whenever you step out of your circle of self concern and focus on the needs of your business contacts, or your customers, something magical begins to happen, people begin to trust you, they begin to co-operate with you, they are then easily influenced by you and you are continuously blessed by the exact measure of how much you are willing to give to them, it is an economical reality a law that never ever fails.
And yes you the giver are more blessed than the receiver, now that is very enlightening don't you think? Every Day we are given the opportunity to serve others Seriously, ask yourself, who are you serving? are you stepping out of your circle of self concern and focusing on the needs of someone else who right now, who can you name and clearly demonstrate to yourself that you are practicing this wealth formula that never fails.
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