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If you need to know the trends that are occurring in the market, performing market research helps you to have a clearer idea of ACCOUNT.
Defining the direction of the market and which may affect or benefit the growth and development of your business, market research is one of the most important parts of strategic planning in marketing.
"Market research is defined as systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, dissemination and use of information in order to assist decision makers in identifying and solving problems (and opportunities) related to Marketing.
"There are several ways in how the Internet can be used as an important business tool in the process of Market Research.
The Internet can be used as an important source of secondary information can be used as a tool for primary data collection through surveys, focus groups, among others.
Why is it necessary market research? - It helps to understand current trends and future industry and market.
- Provides information about target markets.
- Helps identify potential markets and customers.
- It is the basis for the development of marketing strategy.
- Helping business owners to evaluate their services.
- Lets have a general idea of competition.
- It helps to establish benchmarks for future improvement.
We see no perfect way to conduct research via the Internet, but taking the basic steps, you can obtain acceptable results in the process: 1.
Prior analysis Research: You must be clear which is the topic you want to investigate.
Once you have thought about the subject, define the group of words that you think will help you find what you're looking for.
Once you clear about what you want to search, you are going to one of their preferred search engine to search the topic you are interested.
Recommended Search Engines - Google: - Yahoo: - MSN: - Ask: For example, suppose you are interested in finding a Business directory software where you can promote your business.
"Business Directory software" would be the set of keywords in your search.
You can make use of quotation marks or asterisks for best results.
"Business directory software- Search-related specify what you are seeking.
"Business directory software*" - Add the asterisk to find variations of words.
"Small Business Directory software- You can be as specific in your search as needed.
"Business directory software* and outcome * - Conducting the search under this format, you can locate previously published studies on the topic you are looking for if they exist.
Recommended Tools for KEYWORD adwords.
com / select / KeywordToolExternal freekeywords.
com/ keyworddiscovery.
html smallbusiness.
com/ 3.
Go take note of the results it finds relevant to its investigation, not a single road closure, remember that doing the research to solve a specific problem or to find opportunities for your business.
Pay special attention to sources of information and results that will locating.
If you need official statistics, visit the websites of the government of his country, state, county and city.
Sites of the United States Government Visit firstgov.
On this site you will find links to government agencies that you are interested in locating.
Conduct research on the Internet is a process that can take short or too long, depends on the size of the search being conducted.
We recommend that you focus on the search results yields among the first 3-5 pages.
Usually, in these pages where information is more relevant to the search being conducted.
Most likely always find key information online, whether in the early attempts were not lucky, try to think of another set of words that can lead to what you are looking for.
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