Enjoying the Gold Coast Weather

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The Gold Coast enjoys a sub-tropical climate that ensures there is plenty of good weather. The sun usually shines for about 300 days out of the year, and the temperature rarely drops below 9 degrees Celsius, even in winter. This means that whenever you are able to take your holiday, the Gold Coast will be probably provide you good weather.

If you are traveling to the Gold Coast from the Northern hemisphere, then you should be aware that the Southern hemisphere experiences its seasons at opposite times of the year to the north. This means that while it is summer in the Northern hemisphere, it is winter in the south. The warmest months in the Southern hemisphere are December to February, while it is coldest from June to August.

Temperatures in the Gold Coast can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius in summer, although they usually remain below 30 degrees Celsius. In winter, they can occasionally drop under 5 degrees Celsius, but they very rarely reach the freezing point, and generally remain above 10 degrees Celsius, even when the weather is at its coldest. The usual range of temperatures in the summer is between 19 and 29 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to a range of between 66 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The range in winter is generally between 9 and 21 degrees Celsius, or between 48 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

The driest period on this region is in the Australian winter, from July to September. Rain can fall here at any time of year, however. There is rarely any rain during midwinter across most of Queensland, but the Gold Coast is an exception to this rule. It experiences a relatively low rainfall, but it does so all year round.

You should expect the weather to be mild and sunny for most of your visit, but it is also sensible to be prepared for some rain. A lightweight coat or jacket, and a sweater for the cool evenings, should be enough to keep you warm and dry. It is also important to ensure that you will be well protected against the sun, particularly if you are going to be relaxing on the beach during your stay on the Gold Coast.

You should cover up during the hottest part of the year; bring a hat with a broad brim, sunglasses and some sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 15. It is also a good idea to avoid staying outside in the middle of the day. As in other areas, the sun is strongest between 10 am and 3 pm, and this is the period during which most caution is necessary.
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