How to Design a Canopy for Your Bed

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    • 1). Make a sketch of your bed on a piece of scratch paper.

    • 2). Draw some canopy designs into the sketch. Consider wall applications, such as a crown canopy or shelf canopy. A crown or shelf canopy would extend from the wall; much like a drape does on a window. There is no set style or size for crown canopies, most start small and tapered then flow down the wall and extend over the bed.

    • 3). Look closely at the ceiling above the bed to see if it can accommodate curtain rods if you decide on a traditional canopy. For instance, a curved or cathedral ceiling may make attaching rods difficult. As an alternative, consider using hooks or loops and draping the fabric through the hoop to create a tent like style or clipping the fabric to the holder. This would require less ceiling and work better with odd-shaped spaces.

    • 4). List the colors you want for the room. Decide if you want a new spread and drapes. If you are redecorating, this is an ideal time to change out those items and develop a new color scheme for the room.

    • 5). Create a fabric list for the canopy. Decide whether you want sheer panels, a solid fabric or possibly a netting style.

    • 6). Purchase the hardware for the canopy. Consider cornice board, curtain rods, hooks or even heavy wood trim.

    • 7). Go shopping for fabric after choosing the appropriate hardware. Take your list of color options to the craft or fabric store. If you are considering new curtains and a spread, buy all the items at once, or purchase enough fabric so you can cut a swatch. Consider purchasing prehemmed fabric, such as inexpensive sheer panels, to save time.

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