Persuasion - People Can"t Resist This

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In another country the word selling has an entirely different meaning.
Let me tell you what it doesn't mean.
It doesn't mean to push, manipulate, trick or deceive.
It doesn't even mean to convince.
It means to serve.
I believe the highest point you can reach in any spiritual practice is to serve others.
Look at Jesus for example.
Don't worry I'm not going to get all religious on you.
However Jesus didn't take anything for himself.
He only served.
And Christianity is still alive and well today because of it.
If you want the ideal relationship you want to make sure the other persons happiness is your priority.
When they are happy, your happiness will be taken care of.
Selling is more like romance.
Your brain cannot distinguish between what it's sending and what it's receiving.
You see this with lovers in deep rapport.
And you've probably experienced this yourself when you've been charmed by another person.
It's the same with persuasion.
What you give out you receive back.
When you're in deep rapport with someone you feel the same as they do.
That's because we humans have "mirror neurons" in our brain.
I call these the empathy neurons.
In selling it's a double edged sword, it cuts going both ways.
If you try to fake rapport building it will hurt you too.
It's far better to build rapport in a sincere and genuine way.
When you're out there in the world offering your skills to another person in a commercial way think of it as serving not selling.
We all love to get great service and be spoilt.
We dislike anyone who gives us bad service.
If you do a great job for someone else you are serving them at the highest possible level.
And that brings me to my next point.
The word deserve means to serve or of service.
Therefore you deserve to be compensated when you serve others well.
Now there's a term you may be familiar with.
It's the Unique Selling Proposition or USP.
How about if we changed that to Your Unique Serving Proposition? That makes better sense.
Think in terms of how uniquely you serve others.
What is it that only you can do for them? Remember you are in the problem solving business.
Years ago I was told something that changed my view of selling forever for the better.
It was this.
The first two letters of Professional Salesperson are the same to first two letters of Problem Solver and People Satisfier.
When you shift your thinking, look at this from another perspective and reshape your ideas around the word selling everything changes for you.
Suddenly for no apparent reason you become more confident.
Your self-esteem automatically rises.
And you start feeling good about yourself.
You see, when you go out into the world with the same beliefs I have about persuasion and influence you'll think more about the other person than yourself.
You'll think how you can be there for them.
Solving their problems.
Helping them overcome their difficulties.
And because of that you deserve to make more business friends and make more money.
Ideas like this will help you raise your self-worth and build on your foundation of success.
You can have more power in life, achieve even more and have people think more of when you know the next steps to take.
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