Email Marketing Tips - Drive More Traffic to Your Website & Increase Sales With Video Emails

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When most people think of email marketing they think of sending out newsletters to either a direct mail marketing list or to a more familiar audience of customers who have bought something before, become a member of a group, signed up for product updates, or any number of other reasons.
All these ways of marketing your business by sending out mass emails are good things to do.
You may want to consider doing something a little different and even more intimate than email newsletters or updates in text form.
Try sending out your newsletters and emails as a video message instead.
It is more personal, catchy and creative, and your recipients will not only get to know you better, but they will realize that you stand out from the crowd--all things that can and ultimately bring in more sales and profits.
Here's how to do it.
In order to send out a video email you have to have a video, of course.
There are two ways of getting one.
The first is to copy and paste a video that you want to send from any of the video sharing sites like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MySpace or any number of other ones.
Go to the particular video site that you want and find the URL box usually just to the right of the video.
Right click and copy.
Then find what's called a URL shortening site on the web.
One that I use is called Tiny URL, but there are a number of good ones and they're free.
Go to their site and paste on the space provided and "presto chango" you have a shortened form of the video link that you want.
When you email your list just refer to the video link that you want them to see.
The second way is to produce your own video.
You can do this with any camcorder and upload it to your desktop with the MovieMaker software provided on almost all computers.
Save it to a file and upload it to YouTube, for example.
It won't cost you anything and again it's free.
Just sign up for an account--it takes about a minute, and go through the same process that I mentioned above.
You can also buy what's called a flip camera that includes its own software and email sending options.
Build your business the smart way.
Be on top of your game and don't be deterred by the naysayers or from the negative thoughts that sometimes run through all of our heads.
Take action.
Do it now.
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