The Biggest Competition In Dental Marketing

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Dental Marketing: Your Biggest Competition

Everyone agrees that doing a practice newsletter is good idea. Not one dentist Ive ever talked to has said A newsletter is a bad idea.

Yes, the patient newsletter is a good idea.

But honestly, theyre an utter waste of your precious marketing dollars unless your patients read them.

If you want a return on your investment with your patient newsletter it needs to be good. It needs to be an organized blitz of exactly crafted sales copy that incites your clients to spend their hard earned money with you and your practice.

Because lets face it, your patients would probably rather spend it on a motorcycle, a new diamond ring for their wife, or a Hawaiian vacation.

Put yourself in their shoes: Would you want to spend your precious $10,000 of discretionary income on a set of veneers, or something else?

You arent in competition with Dr. Smith around the corner, youre in competition with the hundreds of other businesses trying to sell luxury products to your patients. And do you think these other businesses are working hard at marketing? Thats all they think about, believe me.

In order to make that $10,000 sale your patients need to be educated about the benefits of veneers and reminded of their value to them in their lives. And that needs to happen often.

But just sending a mediocre, thrown together, poorly design newsletter wont do it. Patients are people, they like to be entertained while being educated. If theyre not, they wont read it. Sad but true.

At Way Beyond Newsletters we invest thousands of dollars in writing, design and illustrations to ensure that your patients read your newsletters. We throw out more content for one issue of a way beyond newsletter then most dentists could produce in a year.

Send a powerful educational piece of direct mail. Send a Way Beyond Newsletter. And watch your practice thrive.
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