The Reality Of Affiliate Marketing Part 1

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The reality of affiliate marketing is that about 80% of affiliates will actually make less than $200 a month in income. Is it reasonably safe to say then,that you should'nt count on making a full time income? I think so, you do however stand a chance of making it if you practice the following€¦

1.Building a good web site that converts the traffic you send there.(Either by using the merchants sale page, building a new one by yourself or getting some else to to build it for you)

2.Optimising Your Site with Keywords. You'll need a lot of traffic, as maybe only as little as 1% to 2% out of all your visitors will buy the products you are promoting. Optimising your site with keywords can help you get your site in the search engines so more people will be able to find you. There's a vast array of tools out there to choose from.

3.The knowledge and ability to drive vast amounts of traffic to your site - based on a 2% conversion rate and a commission rate of $20 per sale you will have to drive 5000 people to your sales page to make $2000, now although this number of people may seem small in the beginning this is a huge mountain to climb, bearing in mind there are loads of other affiliates promoting the very same product, with some of them being in the top 10%.

4.The ability to pick the right merchants with hot in demand products and using the right combination of promotional methods instead of the trial and error system of choosing that most affiliates use in the hope of hitting the right combination. This last skill comes with a lot of studying in the beginning, so the message is learn, learn, learn.

There are far too many people out there who assume that affiliate marketing is some kid of 'get rich quick' type of business. These types of people will probably put up a few banners and/or ads on a site somewhere, then sit back and wonder why they don't make a single sale or any money at all. I can tell you now that adopting either of the above approaches does not work, you have to run an affiliate campaign the same way you would run any other business and grow it properly€¦

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