Using Magnetic Sponsoring to Generate Leads and Distributors For Your Business

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Mike Dillard has written a book for network marketers called Magnetic Sponsoring.
Mike struggled in MLM for many years before discovering how to build his business using attraction marketing.
It's about attracting people to you and your business.
Magnetic sponsoring teaches network marketers how to build a list, rather than make one.
When most people start out in business they are encouraged to make a list of everyone they know, then call these people.
It's not targeted, meaning these people didn't ask for information about an MLM or the product.
When people use attraction marketing they have learned how to attract people to them, rather than them chasing after others.
It has the added advantage of offering another income stream to the marketer, in addition to their primary business.
When prospects purchase the Magnetic Sponsoring book the seller gets a commission for each sale.
These people who purchase the book become new leads.
Unlike buying leads from a broker, these leads will be yours exclusively.
Also by offering them something of value you are branding yourself as an expert and one who can offer them help and guidance.
When you get the leads contact information you can email them or call if they have provided a phone number.
It's always preferable to call them.
If you get a voice mail you can leave a short message.
This lets the prospect know there is a real, live person there to help them if they need it.
Many of these leads already will have a primary business, but some of them can end up joining yours.
How does this happen? By offering them something that helps them market their business.
You are offering them solutions to their problem..
how to build their business.
For this reason when you call them you should do nothing more than introduce yourself and tell them how Mike's book has helped you, and to offer them support if they need it.
Don't mention your network marketing company to them unless they ask.
When you build relationships with people, you are establishing trust, and as a leader they can get guidance from.
By offering friendship and support without expecting anything in return, you will find new business partners this way.
To learn more about magnetic sponsoring and how it can help you grow your business, visit the resource box below.
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