Most Of You Will Fail To Make It Online

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Sorry to break this to you but it's true that most of you will fail online.
I definitely don't say this because I like the idea of it, to me it is a very unfortunate truth.
More than 90% of aspiring internet marketing will never make more than a few dollars online.
Even if you are able to generate a few sales of your product or through an affiliate program then usually it is not even enough to cover your expenses, such as memberships or hosting fees.
I was in this category for a long time myself so I understand what it means to want to make it so bad but not get anywhere.
Do you want to know why most newbies never get there? It is usually simple, they are just trying to find the one strategy that will make them thousands of dollars (or more) overnight with little or not effort.
I'm here to tell you that while that is possible, you are never going to do it at the start of your career, you absolutely must learn the basics first.
A common scenario is that you have been around online for a while, bought some e-books maybe created a web site or two, bought some more e-books and tried those strategies but still have not gotten anywhere.
If this is you then I have a very important question for you.
Can you honestly say that you believe you have put everything you can into making it work for you? And I don't mean following the step by step strategy and then stopping, but continuous work, promotion, learning and more work, because this is what it takes.
If you can answer yes to that question, be very happy because I promise you if you continue that you will definitely make decent money online, few people are able to put in the work necessary to really get results.
And if you think about it, this does not just relate to internet marketing does it? O.
k now for the good part.
Anyone can make money on the internet and live the dream that so many aspire to.
Just be prepared to put in work, work and more work, at least for the short term.
You may have heard about outsourcing, freelancers and the likes doing your work for you and many successful marketers do just that, but you have to do it first so you know exactly what it takes.
And of course so you can afford to pay their bills.
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