Small Business Marketing Ideas - Five Ways You Can Grow Your Small Business Revenue Fast

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So you'd like to sell more, and the economy has been making it tough.
But people are still buying.
Read on for some small business marketing ideas that will help you connect more effectively with your clients and customers.
1) Know who your clients are Don't be all things to all people.
It will water down your message and no one will have any idea just why they should buy from you.
Instead, find out who your ideal clients are and then focus on offering them exactly what they want.
2) Get to know your clients If you think you just read about that, think again.
Here, I'm talking about making an effort to really get to know your clients.
Talk with them.
Try to set up a database where you can make notes on their likes and dislikes, and any other information you can gather.
The more you get to know each individual client or customer, the more likely they are to come back when they need your help -- and the more likely they are to recommend you to others.
3) Create irresistible offers Once you know your clients, you'll also know what they will find irresistible.
Offer it to them, at a great price.
You an also bundle products and/or services for special bargains and more revenue.
Sure, as far as small business marketing ideas goes, this isn't new.
But there's a reason why "buy two get one free" has never gone out of style.
4) Advertise where your clients will find you (locally) If you're aiming for high-end clients, you may want to find a publication they'll actually read.
Or find another business that caters to them and give them brochures or, better yet, coupons for a free gift or a discount to distribute to their customers.
Offer them a finders reward.
5) Advertise where your clients will find you (online) Realize that most people actually look for what they want online.
Be sure they'll find you when they Google the relevant keywords.
How? Set up a well-optimized blog with lead capture capability so you can follow up with prospects.
And convince them that your small business the best place to meet their needs.
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