Static Website Can Prove Handy If You Do Not Have a Big Budget

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If any person just starting a business contacts any web design company and ask them to design a website for you, they will push him to go for a dynamic website telling him how good it can be for his business and will give him a quotation that will be out of his reach.
More often than not, a web design company will pursue for a dynamic website; not because it benefits a customer but because they can charge big bucks irrespective of clients needs or a budget instead of giving client an option for a static web site which can help him create an online identity in a very limited budget.
There are certain advantages of having a static web site which proves it very useful for starters on internet.
Static web site helps businessmen to have its presence on internet as it gives them an opportunity to present information of their business to the visitors of their website on internet at a very minimum of cost.
As these days having a website is become a status or a goodwill for the businesses, static website is a good option for small businessmen or a business who have products or services which are easy to explain.
Even though static websites are cheaper it can still look elegant and equally attractive as dynamic website can be.
A professional web design company will design a high quality static website as there are no such things like static web site is always of inferior quality and look.
The only major difference is that static web site is not easy to update as compared to dynamic website as it needs someone with knowledge of website development.
As every business is different and their needs can be different, it is up to a decision making person as to choose a static or a dynamic website for their respective business.
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