Internet Marketing and the Triple Satisfaction

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Who says marketing has to be boring? One way to ensure that you have fun encouraging people to visit your site is to stop thinking about marketing in terms of traffic generation and think of it as a mechanism to share the passion you have for your creation and the knowledge of how to use that product with others.
Article marketing is a fun way to get at the nuts and bolts of the use and associated information surrounding your product.
When you write an article you can place it on your business website, but you can also send it to a free articles directory.
When you spread your expertise in written form you also encourage readers to visit your primary site.
I wrote earlier that marketing can be fun, and I meant ever word I wrote.
Article marketing gives you the opportunity to talk about a product or service you are familiar with and are passionate about.
When you know that there may be potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals reading your article(s) it can be powerful motivation for the proverbial happy dance.
It can be really exhilarating when a reader comments on the article because they found it useful, or when you receive a Google alert letting you know the article has been published on other sites.
Your words ARE having an impact.
The impact has staying power in marketing potential.
You can gain a similar joy in providing a focused business blog.
The response mechanism of a blog is a wonderful way to gain feedback and areas where fine-tuning your message could be helpful.
By using a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed you can get your message out more effectively.
The response of others can be a powerful means of keeping you enthused and engaged in the preservation of your business blog.
Information marketing is so successful because it appeals to three separate groups.
1) The reader.
By targeting the reader with information that is useful and compelling, that individual (translate, potential customer) may view your site as a trusted resource for other similar information.
2) Search engines.
By affixing a keyword target to your information you gain improved access to search engine rankings.
Search engines love new and useful content and reward businesses for making it available.
3) You.
That's right, your content appeals to you.
If it didn't you wouldn't write it.
When you see that the work you are enthused about results in improved trust and rankings you may likely feel compelled to write just one more article - then another, and possibly two more.
When you can successfully convey your passion in the written word you satisfy several marketing objectives and a few personal ones.
The information you produce can be edited together to form a specialized ebook that you can either sell through your site or make available to customers or site members at no cost.
Your information should always have a life beyond your personal enjoyment.
If readers have a similar interest then you should work to get your informative articles to as many readers as possible.
They may return the favor by becoming customers.
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