The Secret To Successful Telemarketing

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Many small business owners utilize some form of telemarketing to create appointments, identify prospects, or actually generate sales.
Some are selling to consumers, others are selling business-to-business.
Whatever your purpose or objectives, telemarketing is an important tool, one that is frequently used but not often mastered.
Often, telemarketers work off a script.
Small business owners default to a scripted presentation, believing it is the "tried and true" way to go.
They believe that a script is reliable, consistent, and the way telemarketing should be done.
I believe otherwise.
I believe a scripted presentation sounds like a scripted presentation, and this takes the credibility out of it, killing many potential opportunities.
It is not real and the listener can spot this in a moment, reducing the impact of your call to an annoyance they want ended as soon as possible.
Forget the script.
Lose it, forget it, throw it away, never use it again.
A scripted presentation provides consistency, delivers the desired message repeatedly and yields theweakest results possible.
Unfortunately, it is all too often the method utilized for presentation.
The way to achieve the best results is to have your telemarketers understand the story as you want it told and the opportunity being presented, and to give it out from their heart and soul as if they personally wanted to communicate this opportunity to the recipient because they believe it!!! Then, their opinion is important, it carries weight and is believable.
Credibility increases dramatically if the recipient believes the caller has firsthand experience and actuallypersonally recommends the product or service because they use it or have experienced the results from people who have used it and highly recommend it based on these personal experiences.
Bottom line, the presentation must be credible.
This only occurs if the caller presents as if speaking from personal experience.
Everyone has had the experience of going to a restaurant and asking the waitperson what they recommend.
If a waiter tells you a certain dish is very good, the likelihood of you purchasing that dish increases dramatically.
If he tells you that lots of people order this dish and rave about it, he is relaying a personal experience of repeated satisfaction and his credibility is very high.
If he says it is his favorite dish, his credibility increases even more.
It's the same with telemarketers.
If they sell as if it is a personal commitment, their credibility skyrockets.
If they offer personal experiences and opinions, going off the script, their pitch sounds-and is-credible and gains support.
When we convert "telemarketing" to sharing personal experiences, telling stories, doing and speaking as though you were not a telemarketer but a person recommending an action, a person who believes in it and truly wants the listener to consider it, then the success rate goes through the ceiling.
This is, of course, assuming you have a viable product or service to promote.
It's all in the presentation, and this can be trained.
The first step is to create credibility before you try to close a sale or create some positive action.
The way to do this is to make it personal.
If successful, the results will reflect it.
Train your telemarketers to be personal, to understand the presentation but deliver it as if it was the first time each time with excitement, commitment and belief in the mission.
Train them to tell personal stories and personally recommend whatever you are selling.
Your results will improve dramatically.
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