List Building - How do You Write a Responsive Email?

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Before we go into the basics, do's and don'ts of writing emails , we should understand the general outlook of people when a new mail shows up in their inbox.
People generally hesitate to open and read a mail unless they feel it is so relevant.
So if your mail is to be read by your recipients, you must make sure it is customized and configured so as to fit the profile of your readers.
Always try to be honest when dealing with people because you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.
Try to be personal with your messages and don't let people feel that they are just another target for you.
Always try to address them by their names and make sure you include their names.
You can automate this with a quality auto responder service.
Before sending a mail always test how it is seen by other party .
You must initiate a test by sending it to your own email and then make appropriate changes if any.
People should feel that you have some solid knowledge on the corresponding subject of the mail and from your part you should conduct solid research before writing.
At the same time the tone of the email must be simple and not haughty.
It is true that one can provocate andmake people open the mail like the rude jerk's tone, the next probable click will be on the spam button.
So try to be simple the same time being too simple with the content.
If the message you want to convey is content rich then try hosting on a webpage with the link being sent in an email .
This way you can make sure the content is seen and accessed the way you want it to be.
People love to have things for free and you can persuade to come over to your page for a free ebook.
This can be also stated in the webpage where you have your opt in list and this will ensure you get quality information.
Your mail should look worth the time and effort spent for that and don't mail on each and every happening that you came to know about internet.
They should realize that there is something that needs to be read from your mails.
Never include more than 5 times the term "free" because most ISP's intercept an email for possible spam filtration ifit includes an abnormal amount of this term.
You should think about the feelings and notions if you are receiving this mail, and the best policy is to be first honest with yourself .
Email marketing is one of the most promising and potent ways by which you can market your products effectively.
But success through email marketing depends a lot on your skill and exposure to this online method and the rules that are inevitable to it.
Do as much as a research and drafts before you send them and always make sure the message is relevant and worth and is not a waste of your and your recipient's time and bandwidth.
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