7 Secrets On How to Get Your Website into Google Search Engine in Less Than 24 Hours

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When you get listed into Google or Yahoo!, your website gets instant exposure.
There is currently 1 billion users online.
If you could just get 1 percent of that 1 billion into your website, and then1% off your website visitor clicks your buy now button or become your customer, you would have gotten 100,000 sales.
Just imagine if each of them gives you USD 1 profit with each sale you make online, you would have gotten USD 100,000! I don't know about you, but USD 100,000 per year to me is good enough to retire and work from home! If you want to at least start and make an effort, then read on for the secret NOW, The SECRET...
Google have something called the PageRank.
It is how Google ranks a webpage and its importance in the Internet.
So how do you find out about your PageRank? You need the Google Toolbar, and you can download it at toolbar.
com Once you get it installed, you will see the toolbar appearing in your favourite internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
) on the top.
Alright, now you know what is PageRank, let's work on how to get your website listed into Google again.
The 7 Steps Secret is as simple as this: 1.
Type in the keywords of your industry into Google, let's say "real estate Malaysia" 2.
Go into each of those websites 3.
Check their Page Rank 4.
Look for a website which has a PageRank of 7 5.
Write them an email to ask them to link to your website 6.
If they do not want to link, ask them whether you can pay them to link to your site!!! 7.
If they still refuse, find some other website owners that will link to you!!! TIP: Even if you do not get a PageRank 7 website which could get you into Google in 24 hours, try for Page Rank 6 websites which gets you into Google by 48 hours!
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